The garden of God

God made trees that are pleasant to the sight and good for food (Gen 2:9); cedar, broom, fig, pomegranate, palm, olive… Trees have another role; they represent the lives of people in the Bible (Ps 1, 52:8, 92:12…).

So, the Adam tree represents those who choose to ignore the truth, blindly doing what others do. The Eve tree represents those who trust not in God but in vague promises of prosperity…

Remember the vine in Ezekiel 15? Trees that lose their God given purpose are cut down and destroyed.

Ezekiel 28:12-13 shows that the King of Tyre was such a tree. He was the seal of perfection. This led to pride, which resulted in his removal from the garden and his destruction.

Ezekiel 31 shows us other trees in God’s garden: Assyria which had fallen (vs 3) and Egypt which was so beautiful, the other trees envied it (vs 7-9). As its beauty increased, so did its pride (vs 10-11). It fell because of its wickedness.

What sort of tree are we? Let us pray that we stay fixed on our purposes, not envying other trees but living our lives, the best way possible to help others find their way into His garden.

Stay blessed.
Adeline Albert