Waters covering the Sea

The Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple, and even this Ideal Temple in Ezekiel all had one problem… There was a limit to how close you could get to God.
Most of us host friends & “outsiders” in our hall/living-room. We allow only family members into the bedrooms.

When Man sinned at Eden. He lost access to God. He literally became an outsider. God had been progressively drawing Man back to Himself. The Temple marks one more step towards intimacy with God… BUT… Man still remained a “visitor”.

At the Cross, Jesus became the Open Door, through which, we enter into fullness of intimacy with God as His family, His children with unfettered access to Him.

💦 Isaiah 35:6 says that there will be streams in the Arabah – the desert south of the Dead Sea… Rivers begin to flow out of the Dead Sea into the desert as the River of Life fills it to overflowing.

💦 The Dead Sea absorbs the waters of the Jordan, the seasonal rivers, and fresh-water underground springs, and still remains full of toxic salts & lifeless. Human love cannot overcome the “bitter, toxic saltiness” of our souls.

💦Jesus said, ”If any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink. If anyone believes in Me, rivers of living water will flow out from their heart.” [John 7:37]

💦 Living water is a symbol of the unconditional, sacrificial love of God, which alone can satisfy our need to be loved. God’s love alone can make us complete.
[Rf Jn 4:14, Jer 31:3, Lam 3:21-23]

💦 In [2 Kgs 2:19-22] the waters of a city were healed when Elisha put salt at the source of the city’s water supply. “Salt” represents covenant faithfulness.

💞 🕊️ As we enter into covenant relationship with God at the Cross, God pours the abundance of the Living Water of the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Love into the Dead Sea of our hearts.

💞 🕊️ The Dead Sea of our hearts is transformed as we “put salt at the source”. The “salt” of covenant faithfulness overcomes & transforms the bitter, toxic salts of our Adamic hearts. [Rf Rom 5:5, 2 Tm 1:7, 1 Jn 4:16]

💞 🕊️ The abundance of HIS love changes us from selfish, bitter, self-absorbed, self-willed people into those who genuinely and sacrificially love God & others.

We are transformed from “Dead Seas” into mini-rivers of life which flow out into the “Arabah” (desert) of the world. Wherever this ‘River’ flows, life is birthed as people are touched by the Spirit of God, are raised from the spiritual death of their sins, & made alive to live for God.

The Universal Church, was meant to be a mighty network of “rivers” carrying the life, love, power & truth of God – His Glory – into the larger “Dead Sea” of the world.

Isaiah 11, foreshadows Revelation 21-22, and talks of God’s Kingdom under the Righteous King, and it says:
They shall not hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the KNOWLEDGE of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. [Isa 11:9, Rf Hab 2:14]

“Sea” in the Bible is a symbol for humanity. Is 11:9 points forward to the “rivers of life” flooding humanity with knowledge of/intimacy with God; birthing life as others begin to drink deep of Jesus, the Life. [Rf Jn 17:3]

Abba Father, thank You for undertaking to transform us from “Dead Seas” into “rivers of life”. Help us to understand what YOU want to do in us & through us. Help us to be faithful in partnering with You to see the whole earth filled with the Knowledge of You. In Jesus Name. Amen



🔹Just and Right

God commanded the people to be just and right, especially in their business dealings. God is completely trustworthy, and His followers should be too. Everybody around me is observing my life.* I have to learn to be a trustworthy and reliable person*. I must live with integrity and keep my promises, even when I find out it’s going to cost me more than I thought.

Truth is: God’s guidance is essential for a trustworthy living.


God’s presence departed from the Temple, because people ignored God. The book ends with a detailed vision of the new temple, new city, and the new people. The pressures of everyday life may persuade me to focus on the problems and forget God. Worship is so important; it takes my eyes off current worries, gives me a glimpse of God’s holiness, and allows me to look toward His future Kingdom. God’s presence makes everything glorious.
Truth is: Worship brings us into His presence.

All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.
All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.

Br.John Rajan/Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,