A wrap-up on Genesis✨

Genesis 1 God creates the world and all that is in it

2-3 A beautiful relationship of Man with God was broken because of Sin.

⭐ 4-5 Sin breaks the first family as Cain kills his brother and runs away.

6-10 God chooses Noah’s family as a remnant to continue His righteousness in a corrupt world and destroys the entire human race with a flood.

⭐ 11 Mankind thinks he can match with God’s power and gets scattered by God.

12-15 Abram is called and God promises to bless him and make him a Nation even though he was childless. God’s covenant with Abraham

16-21 Sarah’s miscalculation causes the birth of Ishmael through Hagar, yet they are sent away. God saves Lot because of Abraham.

22-24 Isaac is born just as God promised and Abraham comes out victorious when he was tested on his love for God. Rebekah is chosen to continue God’s lineage of His chosen people.

25-33 Esau and Jacob are born to Isaac. Jacob decieves Esau of his birthright and Father’s blessing and runs away to his mother’s family. He marries Leah and Rachel, God prospers his work and he returns to his father’s house with great possessions and is forgiven by Esau.

34-35 Tragedy strikes Jacob’s family with rape and murder. Family od Jacob and Esau listed.

37,39-41 Joseph dreams of greatness and is hated by his brothers. He is sold to Egypt as a slave, but God lifts him to be the Prime Minister after years of hardship.

38 Tamar perseveres and gives birth to twins through Judah and wins a ticket to the geneology of the Messiah.

42-45 Joseph reconciles with his brothers.

46-48 Jacob meets his long lost son Joseph and the Israel clan moves to Egypt.

49-50 Jacob blesses his children and breathes his last. Joseph after settling his entire family, passes away with the promise that his bones will be carried back to the Promised land.

Genesis reminds us that God is a faithful God who keeps His promises no matter what the circumstances are!

Reenie Tanya
Admin Team-1803