All the land which thou shall give to Thy seed forever

Gen 13:15 For all the land which thou seest to thee, will I give it to Thy seed forever.

There was strife between servants of Abraham and Lot on account of restrictions of space and facilities It is humiliating to strive before unbelievers, so Abram regarded it better to dwell separately.

On several grounds Abraham could have laid claim to the first choice of the territory He was the older man ,he was head and leader of a clan.But Abraham trusted God for all his material needs.Because he had faith in God he could offer to lot the choice of where he wanted to settle.lot accepted the offer and he pitched his tent towards Sodom _ affluent society and material prosperity

But the lord invited Abram to lift up his eyes .Abram is not going to be the loser because he depended on God .lot went to the east .Abraham was a conqueror as he relied on God alone to meet his needs.God promises to give the land to canan to Abram ‘ s descendents.Abram became very wealthy in livestock and in siver and gold.Gen 13:2 But Lot ,a righteous man had to leave his dwelling place with his family as God destroyed sodom because of people’s wickedness.

Cynthia sathiaraj