Are you envied? You are Blessed

270 days Bible Reading 20/7/20
Genesis 24-26

Genesis 26:14 Philistines envied Isaac

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.

Beloved, Isaac was so prosperous and became so rich, the Philistines envied him.
You can enjoy so much blessings, riches, and honor when people envy you.

The sin of envy has emerged right from before the creation. Satan envied the God’s throne for which reason he was fallen down.
Later God has made the worthless man worthy to inherit that throne (Rev3:21)

Man was envied by satan because of the throne.
Since then that evil spirit continued to generations:

Abel was envied by Cain because of his offering

Joseph was envied by his own brothers because of his great vision (Ge.37:5,11).

Aaron and Miriam were jealous because of God′s glorious anointing upon Moses (Nu.12:1-2).

David was envied by Saul because of the throne.

The apostles were envied because of the big crowd they attracted (Ac.13:45).

Even Jesus was crucified out of envy (Mk.15:10).

Beloved, when people are jealous of you, rejoice! That′s a sure indication of God′s blessings upon you.

Stay Blessed 🙂