Bold and Beautiful 🌹

The land of Egypt that welcomed the Israelites intially gradually turned hostile after a few generations. A new Pharoah came to power who did not know Joseph. He forced the Israelites who had multiplied greatly into ruthless labour. The hardships failed to deter the Israelites. So Pharaoh called two Hebrew midwives and told them to kill all Hebrew male babies in their birth stool (Ex 1:16).

🌹 Shiphrah & Puah 🌹

Shiphrah and Puah the two Hebrew midwives are mentioned only in the first chapter of Exodus. Bible Commentators say that there were nearly 500 midwives during those days. And Shiphrah and Puah were the Chief Superintendents of all the midwives. Hence Pharaoh called them and conveyed a confidential scheme to do away with the Hebrew male babies at their birth stool itself.

Pharaoh would have promised them a good amount. But the women did not give room to love of money. Instead their feared God and disobeyed Pharaoh tactically. They saved all the male babies. Perhaps Moses was also one of the babies saved by these two women.

The king soon realized the truth. When he called the midwives for an enquiry they replied boldly and frankly about the strength of the Hebrew women. Shiphrah and Puah were sensible and wise. They knew what to talk, when to talk and how to talk.

God was kind to Shiphrah and Puah for their acts of kindness. The Bible says that God gave them families of their own (Ex 1:21). Shiphrah and Puah were blessed in a specific and special way.

Shiphrah and Puah had an inner beauty that made them fear God and show kindness to Hebrew male babies. They were bold to defy the orders of Pharaoh.

Women need divine wisdom to handle difficult situations with discretion. Many a family peace is ruined by unwise, unhealthy and unnecessary discussions. May God give us the grace to be peacemakers and peace promoters that edify and build a godly home.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️