Famine by Faith and Reap a Hundred Fold

Lockdown Reflections… 📝Food from my Host’s Guest Room Table 🍽️🍯🥛
Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 6, 270 Days Bible Reading, Monday, 20.7.20.

Can we sow in this Covid Famine by Faith and Reap a Hundred Fold where God has planted us?….Genesis 24:12.

🎪In Genesis there are three Famine Periods, each during the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Every famine got worse with each generation. During The Famine, God, Preserved Abraham and his Generations so that they can become a Great Nation as Promised by God in Genesis 12:2.

🎪Every time God gives a Promise, there will be Problems before we get to the Promise. The Problems are to Position US and To Promote Us to The Prepared Place With Our Provision. In Every Famine There Will Be Food For Those Who Look to the Bread Giver, Psalm 37:39.

🎪As we see in Genesis, in this Fallen World, we will be exposed Flood, Fire and Famine but Remember God Has Already Got A Disaster Management Plan in His Word. We got to learn to Activate the Action Plan by the Power of the Holy Ghost.

🎪Seed time and harvest was established by God, when Noah came out of the ark, Genesis 8:22. It has been a physical and spiritual principle that God has set in motion, from creation, that we will reap what we sow, Galatians 6:9.

🎪In this pandemic, many are experiencing both physical and spiritual famine. People in many places are being deprived of both physical and spiritual food. Many are lockdown without food and fellowship with so much uncertainty. Many are cut off without any communication. These are unprecedented times. We saw how people early in the lockdown were hoarding things for themselves, depriving others of the basic essentials. In these times we can learn few simple spiritual lessons from Isaac in Chapter 26 of Genesis.

🎪In any famine situation we can apply the following principles, knowing that God will preserve His people

  1. God will give specific instructions in a famine and we got to listen with a teachable heart and humble attitude. Abraham was known for his steadfast faith and Isaac for his submissive faith, Genesis 26:2-6. God will give us specific instructions in this lockdown and we must be in tune with Him. Many people have done selfish things for self-preservation, and reaping the inevitable results.
  2. God will work in our farvour during our adversity just like He did with Isaac, when he had to dig wells three times, Genesis 26:17-22. Isaac didn’t go for a fight, God provided water for his family, crops and flocks. Farvour of God can create animosity and envy but God will move into our situation when we surrender our problems to Him.
  3. Isaac, just like his father, wherever he went, always built an altar first, pitched his tent next and then dug a well. He put God first, family next and then served his community by digging a well. Seek first the Kingdom of God in this Lockdown and all the things will be added to us to provide for our family and community, Matthew 6:33.

🎪Child of God, Remember this, OVERCOME TROUBLE. We are called to be More than Conquerors in Christ Jesus, Romans 8:37. To be Spiritually successful and have to a Spiritual harvest in our lives, we must overcome TROUBLE, NOT GIVE IN TO IT. BE NOT TERRIFIED BY PROBLEMS IN THIS PANDEMIC. SOW WHAT WE HAVE TO THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED.

🎪No matter how many times the Philistines stopped up the wells, Isaac picked up the shovel and dug another well, HE DID NOT QUIT! Inspite of the Famine and his enemies he had a bumper crop harvest. Good comes from overcoming problems. God will multiply our Time, Talent and Treasures, when we sow it by Faith in this Pandemic, to be a great blessing to others…. Amen🙏

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