Harvest what you plant

You will always harvest what you plant Gal6:7

God determined to break Jacob in order to bless him.How does God do that? He allows Jacob to deal with a craftier person than himself. Laban Jacob who had cheated his father and his brother, now finds someone who cheats him.

Laban cheated Jacob in getting him married to Leah instead of Rachel Jacob had worked 7 years for Rachel but was given Leah, a wife he did not want. Laban said that he had to give the older girl first and then Rachel.God began breaking Jacob’ s human strength.

In Gen 29:20, it says Jacob worked for another 7 years for Rachel and it seemed to him but a few days because of his love for her It was hard work in the fields looking after the sheep Yet he felt the 7 years were just a few days for him.- because his love for Rachel was so passionate and so strong.

How should we serve the lord who loved us and gave His life for us? I can testify after many years of serving the lord ,all these years have been just like few days for me.Nothing can equal the joy of serving the lord ,when we serve Him out of love for Him.

Cynthia Sathiaraj