Heaven In The Midst Of Troubles

270 Days Bible Reading
Genesis 1 – 4


“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. . .And God called the firmament Heaven ” (Gen 1:6,8). ‘

It is quite interesting to observe that God created heaven not, only ‘in the beginning’, but also on the second day (only, with contrasting elements as compared to the first time)!

On the second day of His six-day creation, God is mainly dealing with waters. One may wonder why God is devoted to the subject of waters on the second day, for we find the word ‘waters’ five times in the two verses, Genesis 1:6&7. From Psalm 69:1,2,14,15 we gather that waters signify afflictions, trials and tribulations. In the midst of the waters, God set the firmament called heaven. How encouraging and edifying it is for children of God to realize that in the midst of the waters or troubles, God has not kept a hell, but a HEAVEN! (firmament) for us!

This ‘heaven’ is not in a corner, or by the side of the waters, or at the bottom or top of the waters, but IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS, praise the Lord! As such, our loving God often permits waters or troubles all around us, so that we might enjoy heaven in the midst of them. Instead of crying, “I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me”(Psa 69:2), we can shout , I am come into heaven where joy overflows me!”

Stay Blessed 🙂
Ravi Bharat