How did Joseph Overcome his Personal Lockdown

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Day 9, 270 Days Bible Reading, Thursday, 23.7.20.

How did Joseph Overcome his Personal Lockdown, Isolation and Social Distancing and what can we glean from him his attitude, in our Lockdown?….Genesis 37- 40.

🎋Joseph is many people’s all time favorite and he can teach us more in this Lockdown than anyone else in the Bible. The Rise and Fall of Joseph from Pit to Potiphar’s House to Prison to Pharaoh’s Palace to Prime Minister all happened in his personal lockdown and social distancing from his siblings and his father. Joseph Positioned for Promotion in his lockdown to become the Provider During the Global Famine

🎋Joseph had the amazing gift of Interpreting Dreams through the Wisdom of God. God spoke through Dreams to Joseph. Joseph was a Dreamer. His Gifting was going to be Costly.

🎋Young Joseph couldn’t resist sharing his dreams to his Father and Siblings.
His brothers hated him for being the object of Jacob’s love Genesis 37:4 and for sharing his dream Genesis 37 :5. His Father rebukes him, Genesis 37:10. His family could not discern the Divine Calling on Joseph’s life.

🎋Joseph’s reality did not match the revelation of his dream. He ended up in the Pit, Genesis 37:24. Sometimes the Dream which God gives us has to go through Disappointment, Death, Hope and Resurrection before it is Fulfilled.
Joseph’s dream had to die before God could resurrect it for a higher purpose. He had to bring his dream to the altar. His dream should not get in the way of his spiritual growth._

Joseph didn’t know that the Door to the Palace was in the Pit, Genesis 37:24 & Genesis 41:40.There are times while God works behind the scenes on our behalf, during our lockdown, nothing makes sense to Natural Mind. God knows the End from the Beginning, and it is only with our Faith Eyes we can see that it is going to work out for our good. In the first two months of my lockdown, my physical senses couldn’t not understand what was happening but now looking back, God was weaving a greater purpose for my life.

🎋Joseph’s Promotion to being the Prime Minister of Egypt took him through a Process that tested his Faith and Faithfulness. From the Pit, He ended up in Potiphar’s House, Genesis 37:36 and then in Prison, Genesis 39:20, because of false accusations. In the Prison, Joseph used his gifting to interpret the dreams of a Baker and a cup-bearer which turned out to be true.

🎋Joseph requested the Cupbearer to remember him and to mention his innocence to Pharaoh when the Cupbearer gets Restored to his Position, Genesis 40:14-15. However the Cupbearer forgot Joseph, Genesis 40:23. Even when the Cupbearer forgot about Joseph, he remained faithful and was a good steward of his giftings.

🎋Joseph life from Pit to place had no shortcuts. Before the Promised Land was inherited, the Israelites had to go through the Red Sea, the Wilderness, the River Jordan before they could taste the milk and honey. But they wanted to get there quick and easy without any discomfort. As a result, they murmured and murmured about everything, until death took them out in the desert. But, Joseph had an excellent spirit and exemplary attitude so though his journey was tough, his destination was awesome

🎋Child of God, Remember this, Nothing is Wasted in God’s Economy, He will Fulfill His Dreams and Purposes Through You Even in Your Lockdown. Yes, the Pit, Potiphar’s Wife, the Prison were all Designed and Weaved into Joseph’s Destiny of Becoming the Prime Minister and his Access and Nearness to the Palace Throne Room as part of God’s Perfect Plan for his life.

🎋Joseph knew God’s Presence in every situation and the Spirit of God was upon him. He went from the pit to the prison to the palace via potiphar’s house with unmerited farvour of God, full of Grace.
If the dream is from God, He will Fulfill it, but we must grow up to handle our new Position that God has for us. God is interested in our Character and not in our Comfort…. Amen🙏

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