Judah – The Spokesperson for Jacob’s Sons

📕 Genesis 42 – 47 Judah – The Spokesperson for Jacob’s Sons

In Chapter 42 of Genesis we have come to know that Jacob’s ten sons went down to Egypt to buy grains . They could buy the grain but Simeon- Jacob’s second son was imprisoned instead of his first born Reuben ( perhaps he had saved Joseph’s life years ago ☺ ✒️ 37:21-22 )

👣 On their Second Journey to Egypt, Judah became the Spokesman for his brothers ( ✒️ 43:3-5,8-10;44:14-34;46:28 ) . This time the ten brothers took Benjamin along with them as desired by Joseph ✒️ 42:20. Jacob was not at all willing to send Benjamin ✒️ 42:36,38 . To cut the story short , Joseph’s Silver Cup ( as planned ) was found in Benjamin’s Sack ✒️ 44:1-13 , and accordingly Benjamin would become Joseph’s slave ✒️ 44:17 . But Judah offered himself as security for Benjamin’s safety as well as for the well being of their old – aged father Jacob ✒️ 43:8-9;44:30-33 ) and he said, “How can I go back to my father if the boy is not with me ?” ✒️ 44:34 or in other words 👉🏽 “Shall I go empty-handed to meet my father”?
💫 The story ended with Joseph – Revealing himself ; Reunion of brothers and Jacob’s arrival in Egypt 🙌

📌 Let us ponder upon Judah’s statement : “How can I go back to my father without Benjamin”?
This is an important question for all of us to ask :

“Shall I go empty-handed to meet my Heavenly Father without Benjamins” ❓
Where are Benjamins today ❓
Do we care ❓

🎶🎵 ~~~
Must I go – and empty-handed ?
Thus my dear Redeemer meet ?
Not one day of service give Him
Lay no trophy at His feet ?

Must I go – and empty-handed ?
Must I meet my Saviour so ?
Not one soul with which to greet Him ?
Must I empty-handed go ?
~~~ 🎵🎶

🎶🎶 ~~~
Blessed are those whom the Lord finds watching .
ln His glory they shall share ;
If He shall come at the dawn or midnight
Will He find us watching there ?

Oh , can we say we are ready, brother ?
Ready for the soul’s bright home ?
~~~ 🎶🎶

How wonderful it would be on that Day when we meet our Heavenly Father , and say , “Here are the Benjamins” ❗

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏽 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India