Lockdown Reflections…

Lockdown Reflections… 📝Food from my Host’s Guest Room Table 🍽️🍯🥛🍴
Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 1, 270 Days Bible Reading, Wednesday, 15.7.20.

Greetings to all the 270 days Bible Readers and Precious Children of God on this wonderful journey for the next 270 days. I am still in lockdown overseas, unable to return to my own kitchen table, from where I love writing my insights. I have not stepped out of the gates for five months. I am lockdown for a reason and a season in this covid storm and I am literally writing in the storm!

Doubting God’s Word is the biggest weapon Satan the Father of lies, still uses to deceive God’s people by offering an Alternate Truth, just as he did with Eve…Genesis 3: 1-7.

In the first seven verses of Genesis chapter three, we read the conversation between Eve and Satan, in which Satan sold his ideas and Eve fell for it hook, line, and sinker, and changed the course of mankind forever.

Adam and Eve Who were Created in God’s Image were Deceived to Doubt God’s Word. Eve was led to believe that she can be like God and desired the wisdom that Satan offered in exchange for the Wisdom of God, Genesis 3:5-6.

After an intimate Walk with God, in the glory of God’s presence, Adam and Eve Doubted and Disobeyed God. Satan is still masterful at Deception and in giving Alternate Truth which has become the Norm these days, in many places, because satan will use people who can sell sand in the desert!

Listening to Satan is always costly and comes with consequences. God has given us His principles by which to live, and if we choose to listen to the devil’s subtle and sugar coated lies, we will pay a price. In spite of God’s warning of dire consequences of disobedience in Genesis 2:17, “In the day that you eat from it you shall surely die”, Adam and Eve choose to disobey. It was as if God deprived them of the one fruit tree, when all other fruit trees were available to them. Even today, what is more harmful to our bodies are more tastier than what is more nutritional.

Adam and Eve were already created in God’s image, they were together to complete what the Lord had intended for them to accomplish, and this is still God’s will for us today. But Adam and Eve wanted to be like God, they wanted to have the knowledge of good and evil, instead of enjoying the goodness and generosity of God.

Let’s look again at God’s Word of Truth and Satan’s Alternate Truth

God’s Truth, “In the day that you eat from it you shall surely die”, Genesis 2:17

Satan’s Alternate Truth was, “You surely shall not die!”, Genesis 3:4

Satan by adding one little word Not into his dialogue with Eve, altered God’s Truth, sowed the seed of doubt into Eve’s mind, which then grew into a desire to have the fruit, the fruit became so delightful to see and eventually very delicious to eat, that she decided to give it to her husband to eat as well. After all she was created to be his helpmate and she helped him to disobey too.

What looked so innocent and naive conversation, led to the disastrous and devastating consequences for humankind. But, Praise God, He had a Redemptive plan in place because He created Adam and Eve out of Love. They soon learnt that sin never truly satisfies and true joy without the Lord, is not possible. When the first Adam violated the Will of God in the Garden of Eden, the last Adam, fulfilled in the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus was willing to obey God by saying, yet not my will but Yours be done, Luke 22:42.

In this lockdown, once again we are given ample time and space to know God’s will and do God’s will. Many are are going through doubts and confusion. So many alternate truth are been sold. God’s Word will prove true in our lives when we apply it. When we choose to obey Him, our desire for Him and dependence on Him begins to increase. Disobedience caused the first couple’s spiritual eyes to close and the eyes of knowledge of good and evil opened, Genesis 3:7, subjecting them to pain, shame, disappointment, guilt and fear. But, thank God for His Son who came to restore everything that was lost through disobedience by His obedience, Romans 5:19

Child of God, Remember this, life is a series of choices. To make the right choice you got to hear the right voice. Whose voice are you hearing? Jesus said, My sheep will hear my voice, John 10:27.The Word of God is the Voice of God. The more familiar we are with the Word, the more familiar we will be with His Voice. God will not speak to us outside the boundaries of His Word.

That is why it is important to know the Word, Study it’s Truths, be guided by the Holy Spirit who will prompt us to and quicken our spirit when Alternate Truth is offered on a Silver Platter with Salad Dressing and toppings. Don’t eat it like Eve. Be Wise in His Wisdom in this lockdown when we are more vulnerable to doubting God’s Word because of the uncertainty. His Word is Life and Healing, Proverbs 4:22…Amen🙏

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