Longest chapter in the book of Genesis

Day 5
Genesis: 24: 15:- “Before he had finished praying, Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder.”

This is the longest chapter in the book of Genesis.

Following the death of his beloved wife Sarah, Abraham is concerned about finding a wife for his son Isaac.

Here we read a beautiful story, where Abraham makes his servant promise to find a wife for his son from a member of his own tribe and clan.

Abraham did not know HOW God would accomplish providing a wife for his son Isaac.

But he did TRUST that God would find one for his son.

In FAITH he sends his servant back to his homeland to find Isaac a wife.

In Genesis 24:45, Abraham’s servant was praying for God to clearly show him a wife for Isaac, and the Bible says, “Before I finished praying in my heart, Rebekah came out.”

Having a blessed life involves making good choices.

How do we prepare to make major decisions in life?

We want to make good decisions but sometimes may fail to seek God’s guidance.

Our decisions are always based on our personal desires,or the advice of others, or on finances …………
Then going to God and praying to bless the path we have chosen.

We must involve God in our decisions and let Him play a major role in them.

Even though we don’t know how He will act, we must go to Him in prayer trusting in His ability and His timetable to guide us through the choices before us

God sometimes answers prayers exactly as we ask, just as He did for Abraham’s servant.

But at other times God answers in unexpected ways.

We need to listen carefully for His voice and look for His guidance in quiet ways as well as dramatic ways.

Seek God’s guidance.
Prayerfully rely on the Lord to enable us to carry our life’s tasks.

Jooley Mathew Z