Potential Leadership qualities in us to serve Him

God will preserve us for a reason and a season in our lockdown just like He did with Joseph… Genesis 45:7

🍞Who would have thought that from the pit that meant to get rid of Joseph forever from the face of this world by his siblings, would turn out to be the launching pad for Joseph to be the face that feeds the world, including his siblings.

🍞Sometimes we fall accidentally in spiritual pit through foolishness and ignorance. Other times through stubbornness or disobedience, in which case we need to repent and get pulled out by God’s grace. But, the most painful one is when we are pushed into the pit by those whom we trust or by those should be helping and protecting us.

🍞When we are in the pit through no fault of ours, God will work behind the scenes on our behalf during our trials, to turn it around for our good. God knows the End from the Beginning, and it is only with our Faith Eyes we can see that is all going to work out for our good because we love God, Romans 8:28.

🍞Joseph had to keep his dream alive in hard places and not abort it. Later in his life, we can see how God preserved him, to save his father and his siblings and their families so that the whole nation of Israel could be preserved, Genesis 46:26-27

🍞The reason why our dreams take a long time to be fulfilled is because the dream as go through a metamorphosis before it can be birthed. Don’t allow the Dreams and Visions to get in the way of our Worship and Intimacy with God.

🍞The famine affected the World, Genesis 41:57, but there was Food in Joseph’s House The Food Program during the World Recession, Depression, Crisis and Famine came through Joseph who was also strategically placed to provide for his whole family who joined him in Egypt

🍞Before his Father and his brothers came to settle down in Eygpt there were lots of family drama that took place. His brothers had to make three trips to Egypt and on the third trip they took their father with them, Genesis, 46:1. It was during the second trip that Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, Genesis 45:3

🍞Joseph told his fearful siblings Do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you Genesis 45:5.

🍞His Amazing Heart Attitude and Love for his Brothers is so touching. The one who they wanted to kill was now being instrumental in Saving their lives and Relocating them to the Best Real Estate and Prime Property in Egypt called Goshen, Genesis 46:34

🍞The nutshell of Joseph, is a Picture of Jesus, as a Heavenly Joseph, who was betrayed by His Own and Forgave those who Sinned against Him.

🍞Child of God, Remember this, God will use every unpleasant situations we are going through to bring out the Potential Leadership qualities in us to serve Him where we are, in the Home or in the Palace, wherever you are right now in your lockdown. I know it is hard when you are misunderstood for the wrong reasons especially when you know you are right.

🍞Joseph was in a Nation that did not know his God but soon the World came to know the God of Joseph who gave him Marketing Skills to keep his Nation Thriving while the World was in Famine both Economically and Spiritually

We can learn from Joseph’s School of Economics and see how brilliantly Joseph prepared his Nation’s Economic Structures to Prevent his Nation from becoming a Welfare State and Transformed it into a State of Wellbeing! Genesis 41:41-57, 47:13-27. May we arise in this hour of chaos and confusion in this pandemic, and use every gifting God has given to steer our nations from crippling crisis through godly wisdom and strategies…..Amen

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