Sowing & Reaping

The ten brothers had done so much of trouble and now they were reaping much trouble and anxiety in Egypt. As the brothers were returning home Joseph sent his servants to chase them and tell them that they had stolen the Governor’s silver cup. They were shocked and said that whoever has the cup can be be killed and the others would be slaves to the Governor.

🏆 The sacks were examined and the cup was in Benjamin’s sack. They were stunned and shocked. They returned to the city and fell at Joseph’s feet. Judah pleaded that he would stay back and be a slave and allow Benjamin to go back or else their father would surely die.

🔰 Joseph makes himself Known 🔰
Joseph sent all the others out of the room and made himself known to his brothers and he wept aloud. The brothers were terrified at his presence.

🔸 Kindness for Cruelty 🔸
Joseph said that it was God who had sent him to Egypt ahead of them to save lives in the famine. Joseph could have just sent them away. But he was doing good for the bad they had done. He asked them to go back in carts and bring back their father and all their families and live in Goshen in Egypt near him.

So 70 members of Jacob’s family came to Egypt. Jacob blessed the king and then settled in Goshen. He was too happy to see Joseph again. Jacob lived in Egypt for 17 years and he made Joseph promise that when he died he would be buried in Canaan.

📋 Lesson to Learn 📋
Joseph revealed his godliness by his actions. Though his brothers had been so cruel to him, in turn he only did good for them by providing the provisions and later a place to stay in Egypt. Let us also as Joseph always show kindness to those who might have hurt us in many ways. That is being CHRIST-LIKE.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝