Does your bed give you rest?

Prorcustes is a mythological Greek villain, who invited tired travelers to sleep on his bed. He then proceed to stretch them to fit correctly or cut off limbs that were too big for the bed.

Isaiah 28:20 reminded me of this tragic story, which is what was happening in Israel in Isaiah’s time. God has given us a wonderful bed, a place of rest, to lie down in but we insist, like ancient Israel on making our own beds or using beds offered by others (Is 30:15-17).

We mutilate ourselves to fit that man made place of rest, and then cry out to God for help, when it doesn’t fit. At heart, we are nothing but immature children who want God to dance to our tunes and lull us to rest, in the beds we make (Matt 11:16-19).

We are travelers, pilgrims on a journey towards Heaven. Knowing that we need to lie down, let us humbly hand this task over to God, who gives us a perfect bed. Let us not allow man’s law to dictate how we find peace.

Stay blessed.
Adeline Albert

Musings🤔. DAY 156
Thursday 17 December 2020

My hiding place

Scoffers Recklessly Reject God
Isaiah 28:15
Our pupils may dilate with sheer horror and disbelief as we read what the scoffers of Jerusalem say:

“We have entered a covenant with death,
with the grave we have made an agreement
When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by,
it cannot touch us
for we have made a lie our refuge
and falsehood our hiding place

How boldly they reject God and make a covenant with Death! But we too may be indulging in this kind of rejection. In our moments of crisis we too may be hiding in all the wrong places. Not relying on God. Besides, their hiding places of lies may be shared not only by some of us, but by some of our own leaders, politicians and people in high places even now!

So Let Us Build our Lives on Firm Foundation
But God says that their flimsy hiding places will be swept away by hail and water (28:17). We can’t take refuge in man made shelters, hiding behind our own successes, achievements and dreams. We need to build our lives on a firm foundation, the cornerstone of which is the Messiah. {28:16ff) God is the only one who can give us lasting protection and save us from eternal death.

Make the Lord our Hiding Place
So make the Lord our hiding place, our place of refuge. Don’t hide behind our own abilities or that of neighbours or friends.

If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you, no plague will come near your home (Ps 91:9-11)

Let us join the Psalmist :

You are my hiding place and my shield (Psalm 119:114)