God is sovereign

God is sovereign. Isaiah 14

This chapter describes the arrogant king Babylon vs4, and also we see the description of satan, a supernatural being who has attempted to outshine God since the world began. Satan taunts God when he says “I will ascend above the top of the clouds I will make myself like the Most High” vs 14

One thing is certain. Satan is doomed not to succeed. We see the devasting fall of the morning star vs 12. The reason for the fall is pride. God hates pride Pr 8:13 and crushes the plans and self promotion of the proud.

God controls everything.Because God is sovereign, nothing can halt the lord’s plan He says Surely as I have planned, so it will be and as I have purposes, so it will happen. Is 14:24 God oversees not only the rise and fall of nations, but the smallest details of our lives.

Satan said I will, 5 times in vs 13, 14 and that led to his downfall. But Jesus said, For I have come down from heaven not to do my will, but to do the will of Him who sent me john 6:38

So whenever we do our will, we are on the path of sin but whenever we deny our own will to do the will of God, we are on the path of true holiness This is the way of the cross, Jesus has called us to walk in. The cross cuts out our own will, so that we do the will of God.

Cynthia Sathiaraj

Isaiah 19:22 “The LORD will strike Egypt with a plague; he will strike them and heal them. They will turn to the LORD, and he will respond to their pleas and heal them.”

Egypt was one of the great powers of the ancient world, and was situated immediately to the south of Israel.

Many times Egypt had been the enemy of Israel, but sometimes Egypt had been a refuge for Israel.

Egypt was one of Israel’s most significant enemies during the lifetime of Moses.
Later on, during Isaiah’s lifetime, the Almighty revealed more clearly that Egypt would no longer be Israel’s enemy.

Egypt was one of the many nations that God had planned to strike and break down. Egypt meets with disaster for a second time in her great history with Israel.

They had refused to follow Him, so He chose to strike them.

During the process of being struck down, the Egyptians would turn to God and cry out to Him.
God would hear their cries and stop the time of destruction and heal them. He would pour out blessings on Egypt in the end.

We all reject God by trying to run life our own way without him.
We do not honor God and give thanks to him as we should.

Each of us has chosen to turn away from God.
We reject God by treasuring other things, other people, and/or ourselves as more glorious, more satisfying, and more valuable.

“There is no-one righteous, not even one; there is no-one who understands, no-one who seeks God. All have turned away.” Rom. 3:10-12

God’s punishment for sin is death and judgment.
But…… Because of His love, God sent His son, Jesus, into the world.

Who can describe or measure the love of God?

God is love.
But the fact that God is love does not mean that everything is sweet, beautiful, and happy.

But…….. God’s love also could allow punishment for sin.

God’s holiness demands that all sin be punished, but God’s love provided a plan of redemption and salvation for sinful man.

It was the love of God that sent Jesus Christ to the cross.

No matter what sin we have committed, no matter how black, dirty, shameful, or terrible it may be, God loves you.

Yet this love of God that is immeasurable, unmistakable, and unending.

It is our part to believe.
It is your part to receive.
Nobody else can do it for us.

Jooley Mathew Z