Prince of peace

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:3‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Day in and day out we all struggle for peace.. peace in the family.peace with in laws. Peace with friends. Peace at work. Peace in our community , our city, our state, our nation, and peace in this world.

One person who is able to give it is The Lord Himself.

One thing we need to do to have peace in ALL SITUATIONS is TRUST GOD!

Do we trust the sun to come up every morning .. and not trust the God who made the ☀️ sun? That He can handle all our problems?

How to trust this great God?
We need daily personal relationship with Him.
Let’s Start trusting Him everyday.. in everything.. and acknowledge his presence with us..acknowledge His mighty power and works in our life.. making a deliberate effort in recognizing and praising him.

Let’s do our part in trusting Him..
He is always faithful in his part of giving us peace beyond measure!

May the prince of peace reign over us .. especially during this Christmas season.. and this pandemic. Amen!

Group 012

Take to heart

🔸Pain Is Not Pointless – During times of hardship, I often feel like complaining.  But Isaiah 28 and my own experience tell me this is a shortsighted reaction. I need to be changed and to mature. In God’s hand, hardship can be an effective tool to bring about my much-needed growth. But the pain is not pointless. Our assurance during tough times is the knowledge of our God, “who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance”. His dealings with us are always thoughtful and purposeful. I know God has a purpose in my heartaches. The Savior always knows what’s best; I learn so many precious lessons in every sorrow, trial, and test.
Truth is: When we trust in God, pain is an opportunity for progress.

🔸Calm under Pressure *- Isaiah was calling rebellious Israel to return to God and rely on Him to find new strength. *Some people are calm by nature; others are not. But we can come to God in prayer and learn to renew the strength in quietness and confidence. I rush from task to task feeling tired because I haven’t taken time to be with the Lord. I need to learn the principle in Isaiah 30:15. In quietness and confidence *before God I find the real source of strength to stay calm. I often grow weary in life’s race, driven by its hurried pace; But when I wait upon the Lord, His strength becomes my sure reward.
Truth is:  Never take on more work than we have time to pray about.

All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ!
Br.John Rajan/Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,