True Fasting

In Isaiah 58, Lord is exposing the shallow worship of His people. They are rebellious people, not following the Lord and are leading sinful life. Isaiah 58:1. Still they are asking why God is not seeing their fasting and not answering their prayers.58:3. At this point God is speaking to them through His servant prophet Isaiah.

A. Their present fasting

  1. One the day of fasting, you do as you please.58:3. (doing whatever you like.)
  2. exploiting all your workers. Isa.58:3.
  3. Your fasting ends in quarrelling and strife. Isa.58:4.
  4. Your fasting ends in striking each other with wicked fists.

With this kind of fasting, don’t expect your voice to be heard on high. Isa 58:4.

Only outward ritual without any inward transformation. Is this true in our fasting/ worship today?

B. What is the kind of fasting acceptable to the Lord? Isaiah 58:6

  1. To loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke. 58:6
  2. To set the oppressed free and break every yoke. 58:6,9.
  3. To share your food with the hungry. 58:7.
  4. To provide shelter to the poor wanderer. 58:7.
  5. To clothe the naked. 58:7.
  6. Not to turn away from our own flesh and blood. 58:7.
  7. Do away with pointing finger and malicious talk. 58:9.
  8. Spend yourself in behalf of the hungry. 58:10.
  9. Satisfy the needs of the oppressed.

C. Benefits / Blessing of True Fasting
(IF we obey the above, then)

  1. Our light will break forth like the dawn. 58:8,10.
  2. Our healing will quickly appear. 58:8.
  3. Our righteousness will go before us. 58:8.
  4. The glory of the Lord will be our rear gaurd. 58:8.
  5. The Lord will answer when we call. 58:9.
  6. The Lord will immediately answer our cry. 58:9.
  7. The Lord will guide us always. 58:11.
  8. The Lord will satisfy our needs. 58:11.
  9. The Lord will strengthen our form. 58:11
  10. We will be like a well watered garden. 58:11.
  11. We will be like a spring whose waters never fail. 58:11.

Are the above blessings happening in our life? If not, what could be the reason?

God is not interested in superficial spirituality / name sake religion and ritualistic fasting. Prayer and fasting of a person who live according to God’s Word is pleasing to God , He will answer his prayer and will bless him abundantly.

Rev. C.V. Abraham