Enjoy peace and prosperity with no one to make them afraid

Jeremiah 30

God asks Jeremiah to put it on record that God Himself affirms that the time will come when He will reverse the plight of His people, and will bring them back into their inheritance once again, vs 1-3. Yes, at that time, they were facing a time of trouble on account of their sins.

However, when the time came for them to be rescued, as per God’s promise, God would surely visit them with deliverance from their subjugation and captivity and in that day they would be subject to the Lord alone and the ruler whom God Himself would raise, vs 4-9. In that day they would enjoy peace and prosperity with no one to make them afraid, vs 10.

Then God would go on to completely destroy the Nations into which they were scattered, however, He would not destroy His people completely, but only discipline them in due measure, vs 11,16,23,24!

Yes, during their captivity, it seemed that their injuries were incurable and their wounds severe, with no healing whatsoever, and none to plead their cause, vs 12,13. They were abandoned and attacked and cruelly chastened because their wickedness was so great and their sin so much, such that they had no right to even complain about their predicament, vs 14,15!

But, after they humbled themselves and turned from their sin, on accepting God’s judgment in true humility, God promised to restore them to health and heal their wounds, vs 17, as well as restore their ruined houses and rebuild every city on its former ruins, vs 18!

Increased numbers, honour, merriment and songs of thanksgiving, punishment of their oppressors and enjoyment of former privileges was God’s future plan for His favoured remnant. And as if that was not enough, one of their own people would be their leader and once again, God would be their God and they would be His people, vs 19-22!

What wonderful promises to take to heart and carry into the New Year which are applicable to each one of us too, even in such times as these, but only if we choose to humble ourselves by walking in continuous repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. May we wholeheartedly hasten to do so, by His grace. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.