The call of Jeremiah

Jeremiah 1

All that we hear of Jeremiah was that he was a priest and the son of Hilkiah, who lived in Anathoth in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin, vs 1.

It is recorded that the Lord began to speak to him from the thirteenth year during the reign of king Josiah right up to the time when Judah went into exile, vs 2,3. Right at the onset of his ministry, God revealed to Jeremiah the plan that He had for his life, which was set in order even before he was formed in his mother’s womb! And this plan was that Jeremiah would be a prophet to the Nations, vs 4,5. How do you think Jeremiah responded?

Just like Moses, Jeremiah looked at his incapabilities and felt sure that he was not at all competent for the job, vs 6! So often, we feel the same way too! However, in response to that, God responded by instructing Jeremiah that he should refrain from confessing in the negative, about himself being just a youth, but all that he needed to do was to say what God said and go where God told him to.

Further, he was not to fear the consequences of the prophetic word that God would give him to give to the people, for God Himself promised to protect him, vs 7,8. As Jeremiah resisted no longer, God empowered him, then assured him of giving him the right words to speak, as well as gave him legal authority to operate as per God’s instructions and direction, vs 9,10. Next, God taught Jeremiah how to interpret the visions that God gave him, vs11-16.

In the parting shot, God reminded Jeremiah that he had no reason whatsoever to fear the wrath of the people, vs 17! And God promised to make him adequate to fulfill his calling, such that even though he would be attacked for the prophetic word he gave the people, yet not one among those whom he ministered to would be able to overcome him, vs 18,19!

Similarly, God has a plan for each of us too. If we believe that then we need to be in a place where we can hear God speak to us about what that plan is. And as we wholeheartedly seek to know and walk in that plan, we can be assured that all the authorization, protection and support that God gave to Jeremiah, He will assuredly give to us as well.
Let us repent of being like the ‘wicked and lazy’ slave who chose to bury his talent to his own hurt!

Let us also ensure never to seek to serve God in ministry without first ensuring that a godly lifestyle, lived in holiness and the fear of God, is the basis for all we do.

As we seek God’s grace to fulfill our calling in a way that pleases Him, both in life and ministry, we will assuredly hear the words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant…’, when we see Jesus face to face. May this become the main aim and ambition of our lives. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.