The fall of Jerusalem and the Exile of Judah

Jeremiah 52

A. when? 586 BC.
King ZEDEKIAH was installed as the King of Judah by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in 597 BC and he ruled for 11 years. Jer.52:1.
He did evil in the eyes of the Lord. Jer.52:2.( A phrase repeated about most of the Kings of Israel and about many of the Kings of Judah.)

C. Reason for the fallā€¦

  1. It was because of the Lord’s anger Jer.52:3( their continuous disobedience.)
  2. In the end he thrust them from his presence Jer.52:3 ( God send his prophets again and again to correct them , gave them opportunities to repent..)

D. Zedekiahs rebellion. Jer.52:4.

  1. Zedekiah rebelled. 52:4.
  2. Nebuchadnezzar marched against Jerusalem with his whole army. 52:4.
  3. Built seige works around the city. 52:6.
  4. In nearly 2 years time no more food. Jer.52:6.
  5. City wall was broken, King, whole of Army +people fled the city in the night. Jer.52:7.

E. What happened to Zedekiah?

  1. Babylon army persued him and captured him Jer.52:8,9.
  2. Taken to the Babylonian King Jer.52:9.
  3. His sons were slaughtered before his eyes. Jer.52:10.
  4. Killed all the officials of Judah. Jer.52:10.
  5. Put out the eyes of Zedekiah Jer.52:11.
  6. Chained and taken as prisoner to Babylon. Jer.52:11.
  7. Put him in prison till the day of his death. Jer.52:11.
    F. What happened to Jerusalem and it’s people?

Nebuzaradan, commander of the Babylonian king came to Jerusalem and destroyed..

  1. He set fire to the temple of the Lord. Jer.52:13.
  2. He set fire to the palace. Jer.52:13.
  3. He set fire to all the houses of Jerusalem. Jer 52:13.
  4. He set fire to all the important buildings. Jer.52:14.
  5. Broke down all the walls around Jerusalem. Jer.52:14.
  6. Took more people to Babylon. Jer.52:15.
  7. Took all the articles of gold, silver and bronze from Jerusalem to Babylon. Jer.52:17-23.
  8. Took away the chief priests,..officials to Babylon and executed them. Jer.52:24-30.

So Jerusalem was completely destroyed and Judah taken into exile.

ISRAEL was God’s chosen people. God heard their cry in Egypt, delivered them from their bondage , took them to a land flowing with milk and honey. GOD did lots of miracles to show His love and power.

At their request, gave them Saul as King in 1046 BC, followed by David, Solomon. During the reign of Rehobam in 930 BC, the country split into 2 Kingdoms, Israel(10 tribes) in the North and Judah(tribes of Judah and Benjamin) in the South. Most of the kings in Israel did evil in the eyes of the Lord. That kingdom came to an end in 722 BC, when Assyrians conquered them and took them into exile. God send His prophets again and again, to correct them and lead them to repentance. But Judah also kept on disobeying. Finally God punished them also. So by 586 BC, Jerusalem was destroyed and Judah taken into exile by the Babylonians.

What is the spiritual condition of the Christians today?How many churches are growing?

How many are studying God’s word, understanding it and obeying it?(How much time for secular matters +social media in a day and how much time for God and His Word in a day by an average Christian?)

Nominalism, meterialism, spiritual idolatry, world flowing into the church, worshipping gods of money, position and luxury is becoming the norm in most of the churches.

As God’s chosen people, what are we doing?