The Lord will be able to mould us according to His will

Simple thoughts for💫
deeper meditation:


“The Lord said to me,” Go down to the potter’s house,
where I will give you my

Jeremiah’s messages
were so clear that his listeners had no excuses for
not understanding what he

⚡ Jeremiah was sent to
watch a potter at work. The first attempt at shaping a
vessel failed, but the potter did not give up. He kneaded the clay again and made another vessel.

⚡ The interpretation of this
image can be taken as national, relating to the house of Israel, but the application is individual. It
calls for a response from the people of Judah and
Jerusalem. It also calls for a personal response from us

⚡ God uses many sources
to mould our lives- our
parents, teachers, pastors,
evangelists and even our
experiences. If we do not
fight back against them, then the Lord will be able to mould us according to His will and make us a blessing to many people.

⚡ If we had gone away from the Lord, we must repent and come back to him. God gives us a second
chance. Our repentance will
move our compassionate God and He will change his
plan of punishment. At the same time our stubbornness
to obey Him will kindle his
anger. David, Jonah and Peter had a second chance.
⚡ Jesus Christ is the
potter and we are the clay.
All that we have to do is to
surrender our lives completely to him and allow
him to mould us.

🎶” Have thine own way Lord, Have thine ownway;
Thou art the potter, I am the
clay, Mould me and make me after thy will; while I am
waiting, yielded and still”

Dr. Thomas David.🎯

Heart checkup

Jer19:10-11 “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind to reward a man according to his conduct according to what his deeds deserve like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay, is the man who gains riches by unjust means“.

When his life is half gone, they will desert him and in the end he will prove to be a fool Jeremiah reminds the people that the Almighty looks past outward appearances and performances to tests hearts and minds to reward a man according to his conduct, Jer 17:10

Partridge would hatch eggs that were not her own. When the young recognized the difference, they would abandon the mother. The prophet warns that those who gain wealth through deceitful practices evenually end as poor fools and those who do good deeds to cover up the sin filled heart, will be judged.

Love for God and a desire to honor Him are the proper motives for deeds that will be rewarded.
But sin blocks our relationship with God -no matter how good our deeds are and keeps us from enjoying vibrant spiritual health.

Cynthia Sathiaraj