The redeemer who is strong

Jeremiah 50:34. Their redeemer is strong. The Lord of Hosts is His name. He will thoroughly plead their case.

The redeemer, who redeemed lsraelites from the captivity of Babylon is strong and mighty. The Lord of Hosts is His name. He will plead their case. Yes, today our redeemer, Jesus Christ is pleading for us and redeeming us from the hands of our enemy devil. The Lord of Hosts is His name and He is strong and mighty. Nothing is impossible for Him to do.

He has made the earth by His power. Jeremiah 51:15.
He is able or mighty to perform what He had promised. Romans 4:21.
He is able to aid those who are tempted. Hebrews 2:18.
He is able to save to the uttermost, those who come to God through Him. Hebrew 7:25.

Yes, this mighty Lord, is the one who plead for us. The Lord of hosts is his name. Such a mighty Lord has chosen us as His children. Let us praise our Lord for His great love. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.

✴️ The Book of Jeremiah 50-52 ✴️

Chapter 5️⃣0️⃣
A Message about Babylon
– Babylon would be captured and put to shame a d filled with terror. Persia would attack her and Babylon would lay waste and no one would live in it. In those days the people of Israel and Judah with tears would seek God and turn their faces towards Zion. Like sheep they had gone astray and devoured by their enemies, and they sinned against the Lord.

Babylon would be captured and plundered. God said that He would punish Babylon and Assyria and bring Israel back to their own land. God would forgive the remnant. Babylon would be punished and her deeds repaid for defying the Lord. The Redeemer of Israel is strong, the Lord Almighty and He would give rest to Israel. All of Babylon’s treasures would be plundered and it would become like a parched desert.

Chapter 5️⃣1️⃣
Babylon’s army would be completely destroyed. The Lord would take vengeance and lift up a banner against the walls of Babylon. For all the wrongs they had done God would repay them. Like a snake Nebuchadnezzar swallowed Israel.

Babylon would become a heap of ruins. Nebuchadnezzar defiled the Jerusalem temple. The sound of great destruction would rise from Babylon. Jeremiah had written on a scroll about all the disasters that would come upon Babylon. A stone was tied to the scroll and thrown into the Eupharates. So Babylon would sink to rise no more.

Chapter 5️⃣2️⃣
The Fall of Jerusalem
– This chapter is a recapitulation of the fall of Jerusalem and repeats facts already mentioned in previous chapters. It recalls the capture of Zedekiah by Nebuchadnezzar. His sons were slaughtered, Zedekiah’s eyes were put out and he was bound by bronze shackles and put in prison. The temple, palace, houses and important buildings were burnt down. They plundered everything from the temple and the people were carried into exile.

Jehoiachin Released – Jeremiah concluded with a happy ending. The king of Babylon released Jehoiachin who was the king of Judah and freed him from prison. He was given a seat of honour. Till his death he ate at the king’s table and he was given a regular allowance as long as he lived.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝