Comforting the distressed


Job was a blameless, upright person who feared God and shunned evil.(Job.1:8). God allowed Satan to test him and in one day, Job lost all his property and all his 10 children. (Job.1:13-19). Even after hearing these heart breaking news, Job was worshipping God and never cursed.(1:20-22)

Later he was afflicted with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.(Job.2:7) Even his wife was asking him to curse God and die.(Job.2:9)

When the 3 friends of Job 1. Eliphaz the Tamanite, 2. Bildad the Shulhite and 3. Zaphar the Naamathite- heard about all the troubles that had come upon Job.

  1. They set out from their homes
  2. met together by agreement
  3. to go and sympathise with him.
  4. and to comfort him (Job.2:11b.)

Their response on seeing Job from a distance. Job.2:12,13.

  1. They began to weep aloud
  2. They tore their clothes
  3. They sprinkled dust on their heads
  4. They sat on the ground with him for 7 days and 7 nights without saying a word. Their mere presence was comforting. Friends of Job travelled a long distance from 3 different places with a purpose to comfort their friend who was going through painful experiences. They were feeling the pain of Job. It was not a short visit but were willing to spend many days to comfort their friend…..

There are lots of people around us who are going through painful experiences. It could be sickness, financial / social / family problems, bereavement, ….

What is our response on hearing the painful experiences of others?
As a church, what all could be done to comfort those who are distressed?
Are we willing to pay the cost to comfort others?