God will fill us our mouth with laughter, and lips with shout of joy

In this lockdown God will fill us our mouth with laughter, and lips with shout of joy to put the enemy to shame….Job 8:21-22

👏🏼Let us rejoice with laughter and shout for joy because of Jesus who has promised us that He will never leave us or forsake us, Hebrews 13:5. He is in us and He will take us through all the waves of the pandemic. Stay focused on Him, we are going through some turbulent times. As long as we fasten our seatbelts to the Word of God it will keep us grounded and rooted in Christ

👏🏼The life of Job brings great comfort to us in this lockdown because God knows the end from the beginning. His divine care is tender towards those who are suffering, the poor, the frail, the sick, the bereaved, and He will continue to crown us with honour and glory, making His crown to flourish, while clothing the enemy with shame and confusion, Job 8:22.

👏🏼The book of Job reveals how God takes care of the ones who are upright and faithful. We can experience the tender mercies of God, when we confess our mistakes and failures, doubt and unbelief, when we are overwhelmed with problems and lack the divine wisdom to understand the purpose of our problems, which is not meant to harm us but to prosper us, Jeremiah 29:11

👏🏼Child of God, Remember this, God will lead us by His Own Hands. He will not lead people who reject His Hand of guidance and protection. He is faithful to them who put their trust in Him. He disappoints the hope of the ungodly, but not that of the righteous. He is a Spring of Living Waters and a Shadow from the heat of the day, John 4:10, Psalm 121:6. He gives to those who are weak, His Strength for their Soul, as with Bread from His mouth, He nourishes the Body, Matthew 4:4. He comforts those who are broken in spirit with the Wine of Heaven, John 2:10.

👏🏼He is the source of our Joy, He fills the “mouth with laughing” and the “lips with rejoicing”. In this Lockdown, God will give us songs in the dark night of affliction, and bring us the true consolation in the midst of our challenges, causing us sing and shout aloud with unspeakable joy, Job 8:21….Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer 🦌 Breaking the Chain with You… ⛓️