Is God responsible for what Satan does? Job 19:8-12

God permitted Satan to attack Job so in that sense God was responsible. But God is not morally responsible for Satan’s wicked ways. *God is holy Lev 11:45, and righteous in all His ways Ps 145:17 He does not devise evil James 1:13-15. He cannot be made a scapegoat for Satan’s destructive activities.

Satan is a great liar who chose to defy God and was banished from God’s presence Luke 10:18. Satan is called the prince of this world John 12 :31. Satan final judgement will be when christ returns and satan will be cast into abyss Rev 20:10

Satan has limited power within the parameters of God’s soverignity. God knows good and evil Gen 3:22. He is good Ps 100;5 and is good to all Ps 145:9 He takes no pleasure in evil Ps 5:4

Believers should be careful not to blame God for what He only permits. In this world many evil things occur. God takes no pleasure in witnessing to them Tragedies happen among His children, which He permits with regret and pity 2 Peter 3:9

Cynthia Sathiaraj