Job’s Response, Divine wisdom job 12:13-25

Job: 9-13

®️ Job replies Bildad ®️
Job does not believe that he is sinless but he wants to prove that he is innocent of the kind of sin that deserves the terrible suffering. God is so great, so he feels there is no use in contending with him. Job speaks of God’s greatness but he did not see that God’s power was controlled by goodness and justice.

Job’s accusation against God is that he has blind folded the judges so that they see neither crimes nor innocence. He felt his life was just passing away with speed. God was so great so Job felt he needed someone who can argue his case so that God’s wrath against him might be removed.

He was so bitter his mind had a false picture of God. He wanted to know how God who wonderfully formed him in the womb could punish him though innocent. JOB DID NOT KNOW THAT GOD HAD ALLOWED SATAN TO CRUSH HIM FOR A HIGH PURPOSE.

Zophar is Job’s third friend. Like the other two friends Zophar claimed that Job’s sins had caused his troubles. Job had not mocked God so Zophar’s words show that he had no compassion. He spoke of God’s knowledge and claimed it would take a miracle to change Job. He assumed that Job’s problems were rooted in his sin. All Job had to do was to repent and allow no evil in his heart. Then he could forget his troubles and be secure and safe.

®️ Job’s Response ®️
For the first time Job reacts with sarcasm to the harshness of his friends. He said he had become a laughing stock to his friends who braided him as a man whose feet were slipping. Job appeals to God’s creation to prove that God does what he pleases and does not use a person’s piety as the sole basis for granting freedom from affliction.

He said nature itself would teach that the righteous suffer and the evil doers are secure. Being counselors his friends lacked true wisdom. Though God was sovereign he spoke of the negative aspects of God’s power (eg.) destructive forces of nature, judges become fools, trusted advisers are silenced, enlarges nations and dispersed them.

Job knew God’s sovereign actions and he sought vindication from God. Two things Job wanted were to have God withdraw his hand of punishment and start communicating with him. Job feels he is being harassed by a God who had taken him captive and was tormenting him. He felt man’s legacy is trouble and his destiny is death.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝

Divine wisdom job 12:13-25

Job asserts againthat his friends are trying to analyse his misfortunes or God’s purposes. Only God is wise enough to know what is going on in his life, and because He is God, His ways are often incomprehensible and unpredictable.

To a person without faithin God’s goodness, the Almighty action can appear to be cruel. But to those who knows God’s character and faithfulness, will trust Him.

True wisdom and power comes from God alone, despite the trust we may place on people. In our decisions, seek and follow God’s guidance.

Cynthia Sathiaraj