The Book of Job:35-38

Elihu Continues – Elihu explains that it was unjust and inconsistent for Job to expect vindication from God and the same time imply that God does not care whether we are righteous. Elihu states that Job who was suffering does not trust in the justice and goodness of God, who is also the Author of wisdom and joy. He said that Job does not receive an answer because he does not ask rightly.

Elihu claims perfection in knowledge of speech. God in His justice rewards the righteous and punishes the sinners. God uses trouble to gain man’s attention. Its man’s hardness of heart that keeps him from crying out to God in distress or hear God’s voice in suffering.

Elihu warns Job to respond to God’s discipline by turning away from evil. God’s ways and thoughts are infinitely higher than ours. Elihu explains that all the forces of nature originate from God’s command to perform His will for mankind whether for good for for evil.

🌹 The Lord Speaks 🌹
God stated that Job’s complaining and raging against him were unjustified as his understanding was limited. God says nothing about his sufferings. He does not humiliate or condemn him. God’s divine discourses then succeeded in bringing Job to complete faith in God’s goodness.

The great creation of God testifies to God’s sovereignity and power (Eg. the sun, light and darkness, weather and constellations). Job was not there during the creation. He should never expect to understand the lesser aspects of God’s plans for the world and mankind.

God asked Job a series of questions about the vast expanse of the earth, the great seas, the gates of death, light and darkness snow, the hail, lightning torrents of rain, thunder storm, constellations provision of food for birds and animals.

The creation of God testifies to God’s Sovereignty, Power and Loving Care.

Caroline Chellappa 📝

Job 36:5 God is almighty, but He does not despise anyone

Because God is perfect, He despises no one. God can crush mankind with a whisper but He instead sees each of us as His uniquely valuable creation. God doesnot despise mankind.

We who are imperfect, despise other human beings. We have to become perfect, despising please God

Cynthia Sathiaraj