The word that created the faith to obey the word of God in Job’s life

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Day 115, 270 Days Bible Reading, Friday, 6.11.20.✒

In our Lockdown times, have we treasured the Word more than our daily bread?…. Job 23:12

🎺As we continue to study the book of Job, we, as followers of Jesus, know that our Redeemer lives. We know that God is with us every step of the way. Pain and all in this pandemic situation. But, as Job, can we truly say that in the midst of all that is going on around, in this challenging times, that we have treasured the word from God’s mouth more than the food we put in our mouth? In response to all the accusations that was brought to Job for the reason for his suffering, by his friends, Job was saying to them that he has not departed from God’s word and that he treasured God’s Word more than his daily bread, Job 23:12.

🎺Job was acknowledging that he did not disobeyed the command of His lips  and this shows, that Job had direct communication from the Lord. Job had heard God’s Word and he had obeyed God’s Word. In the New Testament language, Job was the doer of the Word, James 1:22. There is a relationship between hearing and obeying, and Job knew that. Job just did not know only about God but he really knew God. He knew His character. Job affirmed four times that he obeyed God’s Word. He could trust God in the midst of his suffering and pain

🎺Dear Child of God, Remember this, it was the willingness to hear the word that created the faith to obey the word of God in Job’s life, Romans:10:17, because without faith he can’t please God, Hebrew 11:6. Willingness shows the purposeful decision of one’s will to do God’s will. We can also see that he was hungry for God’s Word, that he gave importance to God’s word, the spiritual food more than his physical food. Job’s hunger for God’s Word was related to his obedience to God’s Word.

🎺It only goes to show that the more we hunger for God’s Word, the more we will be willing to obey God’s Word. Our hunger for the Word of God will be in direct proportion to our obedience to the Word of God. Because Job obeyed God’s Word, he knew the God of the Word. And even though he could not see Him, Job 23:8, 9, he knew enough of God’s character to know that although he going through severe testings, God’s purpose was not to destroy him but to remove the dirt and the dross in his life, through the fire of purification and bring him out as pure gold, Job 23:10.

🎺In the New Testament language, Peter says about the testing of our faith will be like pure gold, when we go through all kinds of trial,1 Peter 1:7. Let us be willing and hungry for God’s Word more than ever in our Lockdown situation, so that we will know Him and obey Him… Amen🙏

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