There is no one on earth like him

“There is no one on earth like him.” Job.1:8.

God said about Job to Satan.
a. Job is blameless.
b. Job is upright.
c. Job fears God.
d. Job shuns evil.

Satan challenged God that Job will curse God if he goes through calamities.1:11. At this, God allowed Satan to test Job. 1:12. We see how Job lost all his sheep(7000), camels (3000), oxen(1000), donkeys (500) and all his 10 children in one day.(Job.1:13-19).(Riches to rags)

Even after he lost everything, Job was still worshipping God and never cursed.1:20.

Book of Job is considered by some as one of the first book in the Old Testament. We can see the picture of a Godly family, God -honoring parents and God-fearing children.He was very much concerned about the spiritual well being of his children.

Today,what could be God’s opinion or certificate about me and you?

What could be our response if we go through failures, problems, difficulties, opposition, bereavement..?

LORD, help me to be a JOB.