The message came to the prophet Joel to pass to their future generations

Joel Chapter 1 and 2

In Joel 1 and 2, we see the ravaging effects of sin on the land. Invasion by locusts, drunkenness, invasion by foreigners, destruction of crops, death, offerings lacking in the temple, trees of the field dried up, joy vanishes, lack of food, as grain has shriveled up, granaries torn down, no joy in temple services, even cattle groan and sheep suffer as the herds of livestock wander around in confusion because they have no pasture, the wild animals cry out to God for the river beds have dried up and the fire has destroyed the grassy pastures, Joel 1: 4-12, 16-20; Joel 2:2-9.

And as the day of the Lord draws near, even the earth, sky, sun, moon and stars bear signs of its coming in different ways, Joel 2:10, 30,31!

This day is going to be both awesome and terrifying too, vs 11. Awesome for those who repent and walk in the fear of the Lord, while terrifying for those who refuse to repent and choose to continue in rebellion!

The only solution given for all this confusion and loss to be halted is that those walking in rebellion and spiritual adultery turn towards God in heartfelt repentance, (while one still can) beginning with the priests, the ministers at the altar and the servants of God. They are exhorted to get dressed, lament, wail, spend the night in sackcloth, announce a holy fast and proclaim a sacred assembly and cry out to the Lord in repentance, in His holy temple, Joel 1: 13,14, Joel 2:12,15-17.

For the Lord is rich in mercy and loving compassion, and when He sees wholehearted repentance, He will once again accept their offerings and leave a blessing instead, Joel 2:13,14, 18-27! It is only on all kinds of people who repent in this way, that God will pour out His Spirit on. Sons and daughters will prophesy. The elderly will have revelatory dreams; the young men will see prophetic visions, and even on male and female servants will God pour out His Spirit in those days, Joel 2: 28,29.

However, for those who do not choose repentance, the day of the Lord that is soon to come, Joel 2:1, is going to be terrible and awful and will come as destruction from the Divine Destroyer, Joel 1:15. This message came to the prophet Joel to give to the elders and inhabitants of the land, so that they would consider the same and pass on this message to their future generations so as to ascertain whether anything like this ever happened in their whole life or in the lifetime of their ancestors, Joel 1: 1-3.

Yes, we see how relevant this message is even today, for history seems to be repeating itself in our generation too! Let us take heed to the prophetic word, thus ensuring that the day of the Lord will be for us an awesome day to look forward to and not a terrifying one at all!

Yes, God is rich in mercy and so assures us that all those who call on the Name of the Lord Jesus will surely be delivered, Joel 2:32.

May we do so, wherever necessary, without any further delay. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.