Paying attention to the true Shepherd

Listening is an important part of any relationship, especially in our relationship with Christ. Knowing and paying attention to the true Shepherd when His voice leads me to righteousness, love, grace, and all that is consistent with His character and will.  Let me cast aside the distractions of life, tune in to His voice, and pray for the grace to do what He says. I would be prayerful through each busy moment; I would be constantly in touch with God; I would be tuned to hear His slightest whisper.
Truth is: Listening to Jesus is the first step to following Him.

I think of Jesusā€™ tears at Lazarusā€™ grave. He knows and shares our grief today. But as He promised, we will see Him again in the place Heā€™s preparing for us. In heaven, our grief will end. Until then, know that God weeps with you. He knows my burdens and my crosses, those things that hurt, my trials and losses, He cares for every soul that cries, and God wipes the tears from weeping eyes.Ā 
Truth is: If you doubt that Jesus cares, remember His tears.
To God be the Glory!

Br. John Rajan/Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,