Sensitivity to people’s real need transforms

John : 4

❇️ When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her,” Will you give me a drink?” (v7)

❇️ Our Lord shows how effectively one can communicate difficult concepts like livingwater, Salvation, God is spirit and worship in spirit and truth to an unlettered person like the Samaritan woman. Here the Master communicator shows prerequisite for an effective communication is establishing right relationship with people.

❇️ Our Lord approached the woman projecting him as a person with a need which she could meet. By elevating her to role of a provider who could help quench his thirst he was able to build bridge instantly.

❇️ After having connected with her rightly he was able to point out her need for living water which would lead her to eternal life. Thus he was able to move her from what is known to her (water quenches thirst) to what was unknown to her (living water, the Holy Spirit can quench the thirst of her soul)

❇️ Next he built her confidence by not being judgemental about her past life instead he affirmed her as one speaking the truth about her husbands (v18) which actually made her declare him as a prophet (v19) which meant she was ready to listen to him based on mutual trust.

❇️ Thereafter the quality of the communication was elevated to a higher level of discussing about God is spirit and worship God in spirit and truth etc.This resulted in Jesus revealing him as the Messiah to her and also she becoming an evangelist who led her people to become believers.

❇️ Thus our Lord was able to meet the real need of the people by finding common ground with people through effective communication. We too can use such principles of effective communication in our circle of influence addressing the real need of people to transform them.

✅ Insights learnt:

▪️Effective communication needs right relationship
▪️Meeting others need is the purpose of communication
▪️Effective communication includes affirmation and being non-judgemental

Vellore 🙏🏽