Gideon story starts off as most lowest person

God chose people who are very low and not that important.
Gideon story starts off as he is the most lowest person and from lowest clan.

Another example chosen by God is David. He was the most youngest, unimportant son of Jesse.

We know that God can choose people out of circumstances which they do not expect.

Israelites keep sinning and in the past books we are all reading about it, they cry out to God, God protects them and they start sinning again.

Here are Baal and Asherah, the two gods being worshiped by Israelites.
Because of that Midianites are now oppressing the Israelites and God is punishing them through the Midianites.

*Gideon is called to save Israel from Midianites. *

When Gideon finds out that he has seen the angel of the Lord, face to face and thinks that he is going to die then God says no, you are not going to die. He is talking with God multiple times. That means God has really chosen him.

One more thing is we know for sure that there are 32,000 men which Gideon has prepared and only 300 go and fight.

Before that, Gideon is a person who needs to get a definite info. He asks God, “Please let me test you.”

We know that we should not put the Lord God to test but you know why Gideon did this, probably to make sure that this was right because he was going up against Midian.

✅That is the lesson for us. *When God calls us to do big things we don’t need to keep testing Him or asking Him or doubting Him. *

He wanted the fleece to be wet and ground to be dry and then ground to be wet and fleece to be dry.

Now why did he ask this? He asked to make sure that God is real and He did that. In normal circumstances you can’t do that, its not possible at all.
If there are any dew drops, it will fall at all the places. It’s just impossible for it to happen. But if God did it for certain and it happened just after he requested, it means that God did it and that means that God is real!

After Gideon had recruited 32000 men, he was asked to throw out 31700.

Gideon was a mighty warrior and he trusted and obeyed God even though he was often afraid.

We know Gideon lead an army of only 300 men that saved the Israelites from their enemies, the Midianites and they were very troublesome.

Gideon was also a great judge during judges and the Israelites lived in peace for many years while Gideon was their leader.

We also know that Gideon was scared to fight with only 300 men but he was willing. 7:1-21.

Gideon’s men must have been frightened too just as he was. But Gideon said that they need to follow his lead, do exactly as he does 7:17.

That is a good example for us too. Is there any person in your life to follow their leadership skills too?
I sure do. I have God in my life.

So I also have an idea of Baal and Asherah.
These two were the reason that Israelites turned away from God, they started worshiping idols.

Lets just talk a little bit more about them. Baal was the chief Canaanite god in the Old Testament times and Asherah was the chief goddess. Her symbol was a tall wooden pole. I will jump back to when Gideon destroyed the pole and the alter and built the proper alter which is in 6:26 to use in the worshiping of the true God instead of these false gods.

We can now go ahead and see that the real God is capitalized as God but when the false god is mentioned it is not capital.
That is the proof we find about how serious we need to be with God.

These 300 men carried empty jars, torches, and trumpets.
22000 men were scared to fight. May be 68% of them were scared to fight and that’s why they went home.

Now why did God do this? Sometimes God gives us talents, but He doesn’t let us use them so that we cannot boast against Him. He is the one who will save!

If 32000 went they had the right to win. While they would not win anyway. That means they probably would have easily lost.

But God wanted to show them that He can do it! That was it!

If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:31-32.

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