Samson’s Prayers 🌹

Two of Samson’s prayers are registered in the Bible. Both the prayers were crisp and to the point. Both were prayed in desperate situation. God heard and answered both the prayers.

In one prayer he said: now shall I die of thirst? (Jg 15:18). After the second prayer he said: Let me die with the Philistines (Jg 16:30). The first prayer was after a great victory in Lehi. The second prayer was as a prisoner in the Philistine temple.

He was under the Nazarite vow in the first prayer. And the Spirit of God came upon him and strengthened him. The second prayer was after he had broken his Nazarite vow and the Spirit of God had left him.

After the first prayer God split the hollow place that is in Lehi and water came out. He drank and was revived (Jg 15:19). After the second prayer his strength returned and he pushed the two middle pillars of the temple and the entire building collapsed. Samson also was killed (Jg 16:30).

The first prayer was after he had killed 1000 Philistines. After the second prayer 3000 Philistines died when the temple fell on the lords and people gathered inside. After the first prayer he judged Israel for twenty years in the days of Philistines. After the second prayer he was killed and buried by his father’s household.

These incidents are clear pointers that Samson knew how to pray. He understood the power of prayer. He knew that God hears and answers prayers. Yet he was not consistent in prayer. He prayed only when the need arose. Ultimately his entire life was damaged by his weakness for women.

Dear ones in Christ, when we fail to pray, we are sure to fall. Prayer is the supporting backbone of our Christian life. Forget to pray and be certain of Spiritual downfall. Is our prayer life consistent, constant and continual? Or do we pray only during a crisis? May God bless us to be channels of consistent prayers.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
September 8, 2020