The life of Samson

Chapters 13-16 explains the life of Samson.

It began with God’s calling to a godly Danite couple, Manoah and his wife, who was barren and had no children.
An angel of the Lord appeared to her and said that she will conceive a son. And he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines.

Samson means “shining like the sun

He was raised a Nazarite.
From birth he had been dedicated to serve God, but Samson showed disrespect for all kinds of God’s laws for his people.

He had enormous physical strength, and more importantly, the Spirit of God empowered him.
Samson started his walk with the Lord with good intentions.
Eventually he was betrayed into the hands of his enemies by Delilah, a woman he was living with.
His great strength left him, and they made him a prisoner. They gouged out his eyes and put him to work grinding grain.

In suffering and humiliation, Samson learned more of his own weakness than he had ever known before;
His afflictions led him to repentance.

His life was marked not by prayer but by physical, brute strength.

Yet in the last moment of his life, he turned to God in prayer and asked God to remember him.

This is true for you and me!!!

We can’t do anything apart from God’s power in us. We do not have the power in ourselves.

So Don’t trust in our own power, our own ability, our own competency.

*Trust in God’s power and God’s strength, God’s competency in us, as we walk through the day-to-day of life.

Especially as we face difficult times, as we go through challenging trials, as we think, “I can’t do this.”

So pray today that we would realize the Spirit of God is in us.
God is only a prayer away.

God loves a committed Christian.

Jooley Mathew Z