We can either be a fruitful tree or bramble bush

In this lockdown we can either be a fruitful tree or bramble bushJudges 9:7-15

It is in hard places that God will use us to bear fruit. Instead of allowing a virus to control our future, allow God’s wisdom to prevail, knowing that He knows how everything will end. Use the lockdown to bear much fruit instead of making crackling noises like the bramble bush

🌵There is an interesting Parable of the Talking Trees in the Book of Judges, which we usually skip and skim and hardly pay attention. But, it there for us read and understand because God has planted it in the scriptures and we should not chop it off

🌵There are interesting commentaries on this parable but most agree on who the characters are. The Trees, are the people of Israel. The Olive Tree, scholars think could be Gideon who was useful, fruitful and valuable like the olive tree. Gideon and all Israel wanted God as their Lord and King, Judges 9: 22-23. The fig tree, is also a good fruit tree and the fruit is part of the people’s regular diet. So most think it could be Gideon’s sons who were good, Judges 9: 10-11. The Vine, this is thought to be the Priests who also refused to be king. The Vine said they served God and men. Grape juice and wine were used by men and priest, Judges 9:12-13. The Bramble Thorn Bush, this represented Abimelech who became a dictator instead of a King and destroyed the people, Judges 9: 14-15.

🌵Backdrop to the parable to understand the meaning of the parable is as spoken by Jotham who escped the killing on Mount Gerizim, Judges 9:7, from which Moses commanded blessing for Israel, Deuteronomy 27:12 and carried out by Joshua, in Joshua 8:33….

🌵Gideon, (also know as Jerub-Baal, after defeating the Midianites, refused to become the King, as he still felt a Zero and not a Hero in his eyes, Judges 8:22-23. He only wanted to be a Judge and after his time, his 70 sons by many wives, took over the responsibility of being judges splitting their duties. But, one power hungry son, Abimelech, son by a concubine, a wanted to have all the responsibility for himself and to judge over Israel. Abimelech got all his brothers killed with the help of his money power, through hiring mercenaries, Judges 8:29, 9: 4-5.

🌵I want to focus on the thorny bush which easily burns, to show how wicked Abimelech was to his family and the people. Here we see this little bush spitting fire from it’s mouth threatening to be a towering inferno over the towering trees. It can give no shade under it’s bush and yet wants the trees to come under it’s thorny, prickly and irritating atmosphere to take shelter.

🌵The arrogant bramble bush who had no contribution to make for the society, unlike the Trees and the Vine, only seeked destruction, while the Trees and Vine knew their place and contributed without holding any position. The Bramble is hard, full of thorns and stickers, and lies like a carpet on the surface of the ground. It is worthless but to cause harm and be a menace to farmers and other plants. And when it burned it destroys other plants as well.

🌵Dear Child of God, there are so many brambles in this world, unleashing their fiery threats subtely on innocent people, making tall claims, hidden agendas false promises, spreading fake news and has no governance when they come to power especially in this lockdown with so many challenges. Brambles are unfit to rule, they are only good for burning. They can make a lot of crackling noise but has no voice.

🌵Abimelech the useless bramble abused and misused power who seeked to remove, uproot and totally destroy anyone who seemed greater than him, eventually got killed, through a cracked skull and own sword, Judges 9:22-57. A Bramble produces no fruit and no joy. It is worthless but to cause harm and be a menace to farmers and other plants

🌵Our value to the Kingdom is and will always be in whom God made us to be, not in how the world sees us or how we would prefer to see ourselves in the world. Those who bear fruit for the public good, are justly respected and honoured by all the people, more than those who merely make a figure for selfish ambition especially in this pandemic lockdown. We should serve for the good of others, willing to forgo promotion for self interest and personal gain.

🌵What is important is to serve God faithfully in this lockdown, bearing fruit where we are planted to be the Light in Dark places flowing and glowing in His Glory. The Fruit Trees and Vines will be known by their fruit, Jesus said you can never pick grapes or figs, or olives…(paraphrased) from a thornbush, Matthew 7:16. God is looking for the fruit trees and let us use the lockdown time to avoid becoming the brambles in this lockdown space….Amen.

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️