God’s judgment in response to Judah’s sin

We are about to start a new book today. Lamentations.
Lamentations conveys the idea of moaning loudly , mourning over something terrible. No other book in the Holy Bible contains only laments. The purpose of its presence in our Holy Book is to remind us of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. It is to remind us that mans pride, and sins of any kind will not be tolerated by a Holy God. Israel God’s chosen race becomes the target as God expects them to live holy lives. He expects the same from us, the people who claim to be believers. It also teaches all believers how to deal with suffering. God is faithful even when we are not and stray from the path laid out for us. Our repentant cries are not wasted. God hears and He answers when we turn to Him.

The author of this book is not named anywhere. But historical facts and evidences point towards Jeremiah, he may have been helped by Baruch in BC 586… soon after the fall of Jerusalem. The first fall took place between mid July and mid August. Subsequent destruction of the Temple by Herod and the Romans took place at the same time…July and August. So even today the book of Lamentations is read by the Jews in their synagogue during July and August in memory of the terrible destruction of the most beautiful Temple built by Solomon.

Joshua had prophesied 800 years earlier that Israel can be destroyed if they stray from the commandments of God.Joshua24:15-20. Jeremiah had reminded his people ever so often but he was ignored, tortured and thrown into dry pits and prisons. He continued to cry to the people to turn from sin in 645 -605 BC. The people scorned him and refused to listen.

All the 154 verses are recognised by the Jews as part of their sacred canon of 5 books forming the Megilloth.. or 5 scrolls Ruth, Esther, Song of Solomon, Eccliasiastes and Lamentations.

The main focus is on God’s judgment in response to Judah’s sin.
God’s compassion and faithfulness is highlighted in chapter5 :21 -26.
The holiness and Sovereignty of God cannot be tested… he does not hesitate to judge His beloved people ( Deuteronomy 32:10) If His Wrath is meted out to the world we will be decimated.. This book serves as a reminder to all of us. Time is running out we have to repent and turn from our casual attitude.

Mary Mathew