The book of Lamentations contains five poems

   Simple thoughts for💫
    deeper meditation.

Lamentations: 1: 12

“Look at me” she cries to
everyone who passes by,
No one has ever had pain
Iike mine, pain that the Lord
brought on me in the time of
his anger”

The book of Lamentations contains five poems that describe Jeremiah’s eyewitness account of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian army. Jeremiah predicted this disaster earlier. Now he writes these five elegies to express his grief.

⚡ But, as in his previous book, Jeremiah reminds
readers that God has not and will not abandon His people. He is faithful, and His mercies continue to remain available to those who respond to His call.

⚡ In the first lament, Jeremiah describes the city of Jerusalem as having been runined by its enemies. The desolation, says the Lord, is not the result of bad luck or some accident. Rather, God sent punishment upon the people
because they had abandoned His ways.

⚡ He laments the former excellence and present misery of Jerusalem (l:1-11)
Complaining of her grief. (I: 12-17)
He confesses the righteous- ness of God’s judgments and prays to God.(I: 18-22)

⚡ Lamenting does not mean that we are without hope; rather it’s a way of being honest with God.
About 60 Psalms out of 150 are Psalms of lament.

⚡ Lament is a legitimate response to the reality of suffering, and it engages God in the context of pain and trouble. Ultimately lament is hopeful: when we lament what is not right, we
call ourselves and others to be active in seeking change.

⚡ Most of us don’t like to
show our emotions, especially our tears. But what makes a person cry says a lot about the person.
In Jeremiah’s case, the tears are for the suffering of God’s people and their rebellion
against their God.

⚡ What causes you to cry?
Do you weep because someone has insulted you or because someone has insulted God?

⚡Do you cry because you have lost something that
gives you pleasure or because of the lostness of the people around you who will suffer eternally for their sinfulness?

The world is filled with
injustice, suffering, and
rebellion against God, all of which should move you to
tears and action.

🔥Are you ready to lament for
the national crisis we are
facing now?

Dr. Thomas David.🎯