The Three Looks

This central chapter marks the turning point in Jeremiah’s experience of grief and prayer. As he looked at himself (Vs. 1, 18), he saw an aged man on a winding path in the dark, being pursued by lions. The more he considered his feelings, the more hopeless he felt.

Then he looked away from himself and by faith looked to the Lord (Vs. 19-39). Now he can say, “I have hope” (Vs. 21). Why? Because of God’s mercies, compassions, and faithfulness: “For He does not afflict willingly” (Vs. 33; Hosea. 11:8-9), and He will not cast off forever” (Vs. 31). God does not enjoy having to chasten His people, but as a loving Father, He must do it (Proverbs . 3:11, 12).

Finally, Jeremiah looked to the people (Vs. 40-66) and called for a time of prayer and confession of sin. The “weeping prophet” (Vs. 48-49) pleaded with the people to lift their hearts and hands to the Lord and ask Him for forgiveness and mercy.

What did God do for His suffering servant? “You drew near on the day I called on You, and said, ‘Do not fear!” (Vs. 57). Wait before the Lord (Vs. 25-26), and He will speak to you from His Word.

Posted by Brother Narayan

Take To Heart
๐Ÿ”นIf God Seems Far Away: Sometimes, I am deeply troubled because God seemed far away. I *didnโ€™t feel that He cared about my personal needs, and found it difficult to pray. The Bible tells me of people who faced the same sort of problem.

The prophet Jeremiah went through a time when God actually seemed like his enemy. God seems far away from me, even though I obey Him and try to do His will. I started to talk to Him about it. I kept doing what I know is right. Then I experience the light of God in my discouragement.
Truth is: If we are in a tunnel of discouragement, keep walking toward the light.

๐Ÿ”นAwesome! God is so clothed in splendor, so pure in His goodness, and so beautiful in His character that my sin-darkened eyes cannot bear to look on Him. God is morally perfect and He can help me to live above my tendency to compromise with this world. When I focus on His greatness, He gives me the power to overcome sin and to reflect His holiness. Godโ€™s awesome splendor, goodness, and beauty reveal the defects in me.

I thank God for His love and mercy and making me holy and acceptable to Him through Jesus Christ.
Truth is: God’s awesome presence is both convicting and comforting.

All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.
Br.John Rajan/Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,