Burnt offering, a sweet aroma to the Lord

Leviticus 1:9,13,17 Here it is written, how to give the offering which is a sweet aroma to the Lord. But today, according to new Covenant, this is changed, made easy and absolutely free. Let us meditate about this burnt offering.

  1. Here an animal which is a male without blemish from the herd, or sheep or goat or a turtle dove or young pigeon was offered as a sacrifice. But Jesus was the lamb of God who died for our sins and His life was given as a burnt offering.
  2. They sprinkle the blood of the animal all around the altar. Yes, the blood of Jesus was shed on the cross in Calvary.
  3. Aaron and his sons were the priests to offer this sacrifice. But Jesus sacrificed Himself for us and became the High priest for us to plead for the remission of our sins.
  4. The skin of this burnt offering was peeled off and it was cut into pieces. Yes, we should remove all our fleshy works and traditions. We should remove all selfish works of l, me, mine etc.
    They had to lay the parts, the head, the fat in order, on the wood in the fire. That means all our sins done by our organs, our thoughts (head), our pride, arrogance (fat) should be confessed (arranged in order). All intestines and legs should be washed and then all should be burnt. Yes, all our (hidden and outward) sins should be washed by the blood of Jesus and should be burnt by the Holy Spirit.
  5. Yes, this burnt offering made by fire was a sweet aroma to the Lord. Today we should offer our body as a living sacrifice which is holy and acceptable to the Lord. Romans 12 : 1. When a person is saved like this, there will be great joy in Heaven.
  6. Those days they had to pay the ransom for the animal, for the redemption of their sins. But today we are blessed to have this redemption of sin, free of cost at any place, at any time, because Christ has paid the penalty for our sins on the cross.

Yes, let us thank God for the redemption of our sins which is given us, freely through Christ. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.