Love is the central theme in the Bible

Leviticus 19:18 “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”

Here in Leviticus 19:18, we have a clear example of a command given in the Old Testament that is repeated in the New Testament………..
……… “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

In fact, it’s repeated by Jesus as the second greatest commandment, ……………….. the first being love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and
……… then the second, Jesus said, is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Love is the central theme in the Bible.

God wants us to love beyond our emotion, our relation and our reasoning, but to love unconditionally.

To love others like we love ourselves.
Loving others is being a person of integrity.
A person of integrity is not deceptive but is honest in all ways.

How often do we try to steal someone else’s praise, calling, or accomplishments?
How often do we turn the attention back to ourselves?
How often do we tell “innocent lies” to cover up something or make someone think well of us?

How often do we manipulate a situation to get what we want?
When we love others, we don’t rob them of what they deserve.
Love is giving others our best.
Our words and actions are a testimony to others.
Love edifies. Love builds up.

Jooley Mathew Z

Lockdown Reflections…📝
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Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 26, 270 Days Bible Reading, Sunday, 9.8.20.✒

In this Pandemic Thank God for Jesus our High Priest Who Perfectly Finished the Work which Aaron the High Priest did as a Shadow… Leviticus 16:14.

Going through the Book of Leviticus is so hard for some of us. But, we need to go through it to understand what Jesus went through as our High Priest and as our Sacrifice, so that, we don’t have to go through, unlike what the Israelites went through with all their ceremonial sacrifices. All we have to do is to Believe in the Finished Work of the Cross, instead of Offering Sacrifices.

One of the things Aaron had to do was to sprinkle the blood of the animals Seven Times on the Mercy Seat, Leviticus 16:14.

The number seven signifies Perfection and Completion. Nothing in the Bible is insignificant or irrelevant. Everything is written for a reason. We have to dig deep to get the nuggets out from the hidden word which is full of precious gems. We should be hungry enough to go into the depth of the word after surfing around on the surface.

Jesus our Mercy Seat, shed His Blood Seven Times during His Crucifixion.
🩸His Sweat was mixed with Blood in the Garden of Gethasamane, Luke 22:44.
🩸He was whipped at the whipping post which caused bleeding externally from the wounds, John 19:1
🩸Whipping His Body caused Bruising and internal Bleeding, Matthew 27:26.
🩸Bleeding from the Crown of Thorns, Matthew 27:29.
🩸Bleeding from piercing His Hands, Matthew 27:35.
🩸Bleeding from piercing His Feet, Matthew 27:35.
🩸Bleeding from His side, John 19:34.

Jesus’ work on the cross was a Perfect and Complete Finished Work.

Jesus is our High Priest who became the Mercy Seat. the Sin Offering, the Burnt Offering, the Scapegoat, the Lamb of God who carried away the Sins of the World. Jesus became everything so that we can be saved. delivered, healed. forgiven and reconciled to God.

His Body became the Torn Veil so that we can enter the Holy of Holies through the Blood of the Lamb to seek His Face and enter into an Intimacy with the One who made it all possible.

Child of God, Remember this, the sins of the High Priest and Israelites were Covered. Yes, their sins were Covered by the Blood of Animals when the High Priest Stood to Offer up the Sacrifices. But, we have a High Priest, Yeshua Hamishiah, Jesus Christ our Messiah who offered up the Sacrifices with His own Blood and Sat down at the Right Hand of God our Father Forever, having Removed our sins forever.

Yes, our sins are Removed and not Covered, Hebrews Chapters 9-10. This will give us such hope and faith in the midst of this pandemic that we have Jesus as our High Priest who has completed the work of salvation by shedding His Precious Blood for us…Amen

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