Maintain spiritual and physical hygiene in our personal lives

A leper was pronounced to be one on the basis of the following criteria:
*Was the wound/boil/scab deeper than the skin?
*Did the hair in that place turn white?
*Was there reddish raw flesh seen in that region?
*After a seven day period, was the wound spreading from and around the original wound?

If all these criteria were answered in the affirmative, and especially with the passage of time, then it was indeed a full-blown case of leprosy, Leviticus 13! Leprosy is that physical condition when one’s flesh becomes insensitive to the sense of touch, or ‘numb’ to the outside stimulus on the person’s skin.

Similarly, spiritual leprosy can be said to be that condition when one’s conscience has become insensitive to one’s own sins/wrongdoings.

The signs that signify the same being:
Is my relational problem with another person much deeper than the surface?
Am I spreading it to others as the days go by?
Is there a negative change in my attitude towards the concerned person/s or situation?
Is this problem continuing to be left unsettled as time goes by?
If my relationships and attitude towards various situations are showing such signs of deuteriation, then beyond doubt this is a case of spiritual leprosy that I need to recognise, acknowledge and get cleansed by the blood of Jesus, at the earliest!

Leviticus 14 *suggests the methods of cleansing of a leprous person and the first step comes from humbly and honestly acknowledging my true condition.
Leper’s were to be put outside the camp so that they wouldn’t affect others. If this is our condition then let us be encouraged that Jesus was also crucified outside the camp, Hebrews 13:12, and as we go out to Him in all honesty about our sin, His blood not only forgives, but also cleansed us from all unrighteousness, 1 John 1 :9.

Similarly, if our households or some objects or attitudes stored therein are objects of idolatry, which contradict God’s Word, and are, therefore, attracting God’s curse upon ourselves and our families, and yet, inspite of seeing its negative influence, we are complacent about getting rid of the same, then we need to take it seriously and cleanse such kind of leprosy too as depicted in *Leviticus 14:33-53 so as to avoid the whole thing from being ruined in the end!

Further, if there is any individual, personal uncleanness in a man or woman in the sexual area or otherwise, as recorded in Leviticus 15 and the person honestly acknowledges and cleanses himself/herself immediately then such infection can be kept from spreading to others and from turning into a spiritual leprous situation that defiles our households too!

Let us take heed to these instructions in God’s Word so that we can maintain spiritual and physical hygiene in our personal lives and households, and thus avoid all forms of spiritual leprosy, that separates us from God and His people, at all costs!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.