Spiritual life can be enhanced only when the Word of God is given

Oil for continual burning can be obtained only on crushing of the particular fruit or seed, which in this case is the olive fruit Leviticus 24:1-4.

If I am willing for this kind of crushing, then I can be continually filled with the Holy Spirit, not otherwise.
So the measure in which I can be anointed with the Holy Spirit is in directly proportional to the measure in which I am willing to be crushed on giving up my will, in order to obey God. This has to be done on a daily basis.

Spiritual life can be enhanced only when the Word of God is given the place of priority that it deserves, because it has divine origins and immeasurable power and authority, vs 5-9.

Taking God’s name in vain has severe, consequences and if we have failed to teach our children not to do so, or if they have learnt to do so from our bad example, then we truly need to honestly repent of the same, vs 10-16. The law demands that we treated exactly in the same way that we treat others, vs 17-22.

Keeping of the Sabbath, laws concerning the year of jubilee, residential houses and landed property,as well as, the way in which one treated their fellow men were all directed to make us realise that we are really not the ultimate owners of anything.

So, we need to show mercy in the way in which we treat others who are less fortunate, as well as, give due gratitude to God who is our Source and the Giver of every good gift, and the one who sanctifies us too, *Leviticus 25! Leviticus 26 makes it amply clear with regard to the blessings that will overtake the obedient, as well as the curses and severe punishment that will be meted out to those who refuse to repent and walk in continual disobedience. Vows made with regard to people, animals- clean or unclean, the first born, houses, fields, the tithe and things permanently dedicated to the Lord had clear-cut rules that were in place and had to be implicitly followed as per the rules laid down once they were made unto the Lord or others.

There was no coercion to make them, but once made they were binding and so had to be made thoughtfully, Leviticus 27.

On reading these chapters, let us be encouraged to take obedience to God’s Word seriously and be willing to be crushed in order to do so, refrain from taking the Lord’s name in vain by living hypocritically and so being a stumbling block to our children too, be liberal towards our fellow men especially those of the household of faith, and ‘think twice’ before rushing to make vows on an impulse, be it to God or man, for only then can we escape the snares of the devil and enjoy God’s blessings and favour upon ourselves, our families and all those who come in touch with us too!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.