Life Giving Medicine

Giving a life jacket to a drowning person in water can save his or her life. Millions of people are going through unprecedental problems in the world because of the recent developments. Millions are dying due to lack of medicine for the sickness which has affected them…

May I request each person who is reading this to forward the self joining link of your Bible reading group to all your dear and near ones. Please post this in your family group, friends group, prayer group, church group. Internet can take our message to anyone and anywhere in the world. Please introduce our programme and write a short invitation.

God and His Word can transform some individuals who are loosing hope and can make a big difference in the life of many individuals. God’s Word is a life giving medicine which is transforming millions of people all over the world. God can use our small efforts to help many others to grow in Him. We could be instrumental in reviving their church. We could be instrumental in reaching a people group with the Gospel.

I need your help in adding more people to our Bible reading programme.