I am the Lord’s servant! May everything you have said come true

Before Jesus departed this world, He gathered His disciples and issued a final command. We call it the Great Commission. He told them to go and preach the gospel to every creature on earth. Just as He came to seek and save the lost, they were to continue His ministry and fulfill it.

Jesus legacy remains to this day because He carefully laid a foundation. He trained twelve men to reproduce His ministry. He passed on transferable concepts that anyone could learn after He had gone. If He had failed to multiply Himself in others, Christianity would have died long ago.

If we step back and look at Jesus ministry for three and half years outlined in Mark, we can see Him preparing to leave His legacy from the beginning.

He chose twelve potential leaders to mentor. Jesus spent majority of time with them. Jesus told them from the start that they too, would be doing this. He reproduced both His burden and His vision for people. He allowed them to witness and even participate in His miracles. Jesus issued an imperative for them to go and do what He did. He promised the credibility and provision they would need. Jesus worked with them, confirming their work and words. (Mark 3:13-19,1:17, 6:7-13, 8:1-9, 16:16–20). Jesus followed the Law of Legacy, and turned His Ministry Over to His Disciples.

Luke is the only Gospel writer to record the events of Jesus life in Chronological order. Experts consider him to be one of the most accurate historians of his day, although by trade, Luke was a Medical Doctor. Rather than beginning his Gospel traditionally, he assures his readers that he founded his account on historically verifiable information and evidence—- he wants to establish credibility for his message.

Dr.Luke portrays Jesus as the perfect Man. He recognizes Jesus divinity, but wants to give his readers a picture of what a human life might look like if a man were to walk with God Consistently. Jesus, once again, becomes the Ultimate Leader.

From Luke’s vantage point, Jesus lives the perfect life of leadership and authority. He is the Man who because He never sins, truly does take dominion over the earth and subdue it.(Gen.1:26-28). The animals and fish obey Him, the Wind and the Sea obey Him— even the dead obey Him. Everywhere Jesus goes, He leads. Everywhere Jesus goes, He serves.

Luke 1:26-38

Chosen by God Almighty as a Vessel for God’s Highest Purposes. Mary had to know that sooner or later, she would be chosen for God’s Highest Purpose. But she couldn’t have known that from the beginning of time, God had His eye on her as that somebody. Like Mary , today Lord has chosen each one of us for His Purpose in His Kingdom. Mary had faith in God when Angel Gabriel told her about the birth of Baby Jesus by the Holy Spirit in her womb. Because Mary responded with faith, God could bring forth Messiah, the Saviour of this world. Today when God speaks to us to do His will and Purpose in our lives, so that God’s Glory and grace could flow through us, many a times we do not want to leave our COMFORT ZONE AND GET OUT. We keep questioning, thinking and getting depressed, then keep on questioning God, Lord Why Me?. But look at Mary, being a virgin, she was dare enough to tell God’s Angel Yes. Think about us, in that place. How would have been our response?

Mary paid a Huge price to bring Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ to this earth. It is not easy in those days in Jewish Culture to a Virgin girl to Conceive with out Marriage. Think about the Community and People around her. The situation she would have gone through. In spite of everything Negative around her, Mary took a daring leap of faith in God.So Almighty God used her as a channel. Today let us ask ourselves, are we the useful channel on this earth for God to use us For His Purpose and Glory?.what is our answer?

Mary’s response to Gabriel was, “I AM THE LORD’S SERVANT! MAY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SAID COME TRUE“. SO this was the immediate response and obedience from Mary.

Today, How will be our response and obedience to God, if Lord needs us? What will be our mindset, Do we cling on to our Comfort Zone or are we ready to Sacrifice and let go, the Materialistic positions and things of this world? Do we put God first, or this earthly life first? We have to question us.

Mary put God first, And Her first love to God Himself, that’s why today we read Mary was called, Highly favored one, Lord with her, and blessed among women. These are the titles given to her from the Messenger of God. Today what are we called in the presence of God? let us examine ourselves .

Daddy God, I thank You soo much for You chose Mary as your useful vessel for Your Greater Purpose on this Planet Earth. Use each one of us also according to Your Heart’s desire. In Jesus mighty name Amen and Amen.