Jesus delivered the demonized man

Luke 8—9 chapters.

Jesus always approached people to meet their needs before He asked them to follow or obey Him. After Jesus delivered the demonized man in Gadara, the man wanted to do something in return. Jesus told him to return to his hometown and spread the news of God’s kingdom. The man acted and he did in response to a leader who practiced the Law of Connection. Gratitude nearly always follows grace.

Jesus calmed the sea for His disciples. Jesus delivered the demonized man, Jesus healed the woman’s blood disease. Jesus raised Jairus’s daughter from the dead.(8:24,33,47,54).

The disciples were sent out to minister others. Demonized delivered man was to preach at home. So Jesus led the people who were healed and delivered were assigned God’s purpose in each one of them. To testify and glorify God and His Kingdom.

Jesus sent out His disciples two by two, He called them together, Jesus empowered them and gave them authority. He delegated them to do a Job, Jesus gave them specific direction and Held them accountable when they finished. (Luke 9:1—10). Jesus shared both Responsibility and Authority to Disciples.

Three of Jesus key men saw Him transfigured on a mountain. He had specifically chosen these three to share the experience with Him, that is Peter, James and John one of several special times. While the other nine disciples waited at the foot of the mountain for their comrades to return.This inner circle witnessed a miracle . How did Jesus trained and mentored? Jesus selected a group of key men, took them to a special place, spent time praying with them, shared an supernatural experience with them, provided a lasting memory for them, Invested special time speaking with them. Jesus gave them a secret history with Him that prepared them for the future of Kingdom of God. Sometime later, Jesus chose seventy unnamed disciples who followed Him.and what they accomplished greatly multiplied Jesus ministry in Judah. This valuable team prepared each city for Jesus Coming and in return recieved valuable training from the experience.

The Explosive growth teaches that success is determined by who and what the leader teaches. The leaders must teach other leaders and equip them with skills and priniciples to enable them to influence others. When a leader does this ,He or She moves from addition to multiplication.
(Luke. 9:1—10:24).

God likes win win situations. We see this in the account of feeding of the five thousand. Jesus took one basket of fish and bread, blessed it, and fed multitudes. Whoever gave up his lunch basket in the beginning, received 12 times more at the end of the day. This is how Generosity works. Jesus said, Give and it shall be given unto.Jesus taught about the Law of Giving. A candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another.
( Luke.9:12—17).

May God always enable us to give to the Kingdom’s work as well as those in needy. Jesus throughout His ministry He has been a model to us as GIVER AND NOT RECEIVER. Whatever we have recieved by the Grace of God, let us give for those in need.Jesus taught His disciples to give and give. It is always blessed to be a giver rather than reciever.Because Jesus always gave everything He had, Lastly He gave His very Life on the cross as a RANSOM for whole of the Mankind to be redeemed from their SINS.


Yours in Christ,
Mercy joy, Bangalore