Jesus teaches about the priority of prayer.

When Martha became preoccupied with impressing her guests, Jesus clarified for her the most important activity. Jesus revealed to her that only “one thing is needed”(Luke 10:42). All through His ministry Jesus helped people get clarity on the important things. It’s the Job of the leader.

Jesus teaches about the priority of prayer.  (Luke. 11:1-13).

Jesus answered His disciples’ request for instruction on prayer by giving them a model we call”the Lord’s Prayer” In it, Jesus refers to God as “Father.” On the heels of that prayer, He teaches about paternal leadership(Luke.11:5–13).

The wonderful father image suggests the strength and respect of a leader as well as the love and concern of a leader. Consider the ingredients of a healthy paternal leader in the home:

He is to set an example for everyone else, to be a model. He is to provide for others, insuring they have the resources they need. He is to keep them from harm’s way and make sure they are safe and secure. He is to pray for them to reach their potential and become all God intends them to be.

Jesus charts the course for His disciples. (Luke.12: 1—59). Jesus provided good instructions for His disciples on issues such as integrity, anxiety, convictions, problem solving, greed, jealousy, priorities, and trusting God. Why these topics? Because Jesus intended to navigate life for His followers, to teach them how to live successfully.

If we were to condense the Lord’s perspective on success in life, we might say that success involves.

Decisions, we must know the truth and accept it. We must find a need and fill it. We must face a challenge and meet it. Sacrifice, We must lose our life to find it. We must develop a plan and follow it. We must find God’s will and obey it. We must find our talent and share it. We must be tenacious and finish well.(Luke.12: 1—-59).

Jesus left His followers with a plan for the future and gave them some tools, He modeled the right attitude to approach the future. He warned them about rough roads ahead. He helped them interpret future conditions. (Luke,12: 35—59).

God Bless,

Yours in Christ,
Mercy Joy, Bangalore.