Salvation of Zacchaeus

We have to pray all the times.
It is church’s privilege to pray with acceptance.
The door of grace is always opened for the petitions and they never return empty-handed.
The Blood was sprinkled upon the alter.
God invites constantly to ask what we are willing.
Church is the bride of Christ.
The church always has need for prayer.
If we kept up prayer- meetings four and twenty hours in the day, all the days in the year, we might never be without a special subject for supplication.
Let the church be constant in supplication.
Let every private believer cast his mite of prayer into the treasury.
Maby Sundar India group no.7070.

Salvation of Zacchaeus Luke 19: 1-10

  1. Who is this Zacchaeus? He was a chief tax collector, a rich man, one who heard about Jesus, sought to see who Jesus was. Yes, we too heard about Jesus so much. But do we sought to see Jesus? Jesus, who is the word, which is in our hand as the word of God in our Holy Bible. He talks to us, reveals Himself to us through this Words. Do we read, meditate, memorize and obey the word of God and search Him?
  2. Zacchaeus could not see Jesus because of the crowd and his short stature. But Zacchaeus ran ahead and climbed up in to a sycamore tree to see Jesus. Though he was a big officer, he was never ashamed to run and climb the tree before the big crowd. Today many are ashamed to carry Bible to church, ( but not ashamed to carry mobile phone) ashamed to tell about Jesus, the word of God or our witness. People would have laughed at him saying, look at this short fellow who is climbing the tree! But Zacchaeus never bothered about their comments. Because he was longing so much to see Jesus. It is not enough to long for, but he took effort to run and climb. Yes, we should allot time and make effort to read, meditate and pray to Jesus.
  3. Jesus who knew the desire of his heart, could not walk further, He stood there, looked up the tree and said, Zacchaeus, make haste and come down, for today, l must stay at your house. Yes, Jesus knows each one of us by our name. Never think that Jesus doesn’t know my name. Remember, He is our Saviour who writes our name in the book of Life. Jesus said, l want to stay today in your house only (because of your great desire to see Me). Today we are His house . Hebrew 3: 6. So, is Jesus lives or stays in our heart, in our family which is the house of Jesus? Let us search ourselves.
  4. He made haste and came down and received Him joyfully. Yes, he obeyed immediately. But we are asking questions for so many years to receive Salvation , to take Baptism, or to receive Holy Spirit anointation. Zacchaeus joyfully received Jesus in his house. His commandments are not burdensome. 1 John 5: 3. So let us obey in haste joyfully.
  5. Jesus never gave a sermon in his house. But the presence of Jesus itself makes him to realise his sins and led him to repentence. He said, Lord, l will give half of my goods to the poor. I will give back fourfold to whomever l took by false accusation . He never told that he will give back what he took wrongly . But he wants to give back fourfold. Half he is giving to poor, and fourfold to others. But he was happy and satisfied with the remaining. This is the true salvation. Do we earn money wrongly? Whether we receive bribe? Ifso let us repent.
  6. Jesus told, today the salvation has come to this house and he too became the son of Abraham. Yes, let us become the house of God. Let us become the children of God. John 1: 12. Let us thank God for the life of Zachaeus. Amen, Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.